Senator Orrin Hatch has one of the best social media teams around. His tweets are always spot on and come with a dose of humor and self-deprecation. Just like the one below that is so funny! If you’re on Twitter, you should follow Senator Hatch!

The Republicans suddenly grew a backbone and a great sense of humor during the past few months. Maybe it’s the Trump factor that gave them the will to fight the Dems. Senator Hatch also had a few great moments of strength and humor that were caught on video (see below) during the Kavanaugh confirmation. Looks like President Trump is breathing new life into the Grand Old Party!

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Senator Orrin Hatch wins the day for his tweet regarding Warren’s DNA test:

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BASED ORRIN HATCH! This will make your day! Senator Orrin Hatch isn’t playing with these protesters! He gives it right back at them until the end…Hatch waves off protesters screaming at him. Protester “Don’t you wave your hand at me. I wave my hand at you.” Hatch: “Why don’t you grow up?” Protesters triggered, melt-down, scream at the 84 year-old

Hatch, “Why don’t you grow up!!!”

Senator Orrin Hatch was fed up with the screaming and yelling from protesters during the confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh…He was in the middle of his statement when a protester kept yelling. He wasn’t going to continue with this distraction going on…

“I think we oughta have this loudmouth removed.”

Hatch is the voice of reason!

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