White people were all over the place in their hipster gear at a march billed as the “Black Women’s March” on Saturday. The mostly white marchers confronted police as they attempted to cross a bridge in an upscale part of New York State. The attention-starved limousine liberals were fit to be tied that they couldn’t cross a bridge. Don’t these cops know that the rules don’t apply to the liberal elite!

Get these people a REAL hobby!

The New York Post reports:

“We couldn’t even cross that damn bridge!” organizer Vanessa Green shouted to a crowd at Nyack Memorial Park. “Gov. Cuomo should have walked with us! He should have walked with us.”

“I’m pissed,” said another participant, Valerie Mondesir, 30. “Pissed doesn’t even cover it. I’m disgusted that they wouldn’t let us on that bridge. There was no reason not to let us march.

When I think of all the things they close this bridge for, why is marching against racism not one of those things?”

According to the paper, the protesters caved to the man and drove across the bridge at 5 mph.

Several publications reported on the march and inadvertently reported on the irony. The New York Post and others published photos and video of the event:


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