Families of fallen soldiers were surprised today when President Trump and VP Pence made an unexpected visit to section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery. This area is where the graves of Iraq, Afghanistan war soldiers are laid to rest. The mother of a fallen Marine was shocked to see the President and Vice President walking around greeting people. It was a special moment but there were other moments that were heartwarming. Please see the touching photos below of the young boy and his mother who met President Trump. Best moment of the day!

A young boy and his mom were visiting the grave of their fallen Marine when President Trump walked up to them. The photos are priceless:

Brittany Jacobs and her 6-year-old son Christian Jacobs met President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery. Christian was eight-months-old when his Marine dad, Sgt. Christopher James Jacobs, was killed in action.

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