“Pride” thugs continue the left’s tradition of violence and harassment of innocent bystanders

The left has long ago adopted intimidation, fear, harassment, and violence as their guiding principles of so called “social justice.” Whether it is attacking pro-life pregnancy centers with graffiti and vandalism, intimidating and doxxing Supreme Court Justices, or flat out burning down cities and attacking civilians with lethal weapons. From the LA Riots to Berkeley, from Floyd to Roe v Wade, from BLM to “Pride,” the left has always found a way to incorporate these tactics of fear and violence.

Now, caught on camera we can see a group of masked thugs wearing “Pride” attire harassing and assaulting innocent bystanders as they try to exit a storefront.

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They push around innocent people, both literally and figuratively, as they simultaneously push their disgusting agenda.

They wear masks and break phones because they are cowards. They do not want to risk themselves in standing up for their sick beliefs, yet they doxx and cancel any conservative who is bold enough to do what they can’t. That is, stand up for their beliefs  brazenly, peacefully, and unmasked.

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These people are being aggressive towards innocent people to push an agenda which is beyond gay marriage, but for the “rights” grooming children, pushing hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery on minors, and being above the law.

The rest of the video contains imagery and statements which perfectly captures this social and political agenda. Drag queens, pushing their lifestyle on children, exposing children to all types of obscene sexual behavior and lingo, and more.

Some counter-protestors, such as the ones filming the video, are assaulted and physically harassed as they voice their opinions and concerns to the protestors.

The direction that the radical left wants America to go in, by any means necessary, is perhaps best exemplified by images and videos such as these.

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