In 2016, Princeton Professor Andrew Appel showed how easy it is to hack a Dominion voting machine.  Fox News featured the horrifying report showing all that anyone needs is 7 minutes alone with a voting machine and a screwdriver. Dominion told Fox News that it wasn’t a credible test because it wasn’t an actual election.

This report leaves one wondering why the FBI wasn’t routinely checking the validity of the voting machines, especially in swing states like PA, WI, and GA, where the Dominion voting machines were being used and where we witnessed wild swings in favor of Joe Biden in the early morning following massive leads by Donald Trump at midnight on election day.

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In 2017, Professor Andrew Appel testified before Congress, warning that touch screen voting machines can be easily hacked and can switch votes from one candidate to another.

“Installing new software in a voting machine is not really much different from installing new software in any other kind of computer. Installing new software is how you hack a voting machine to cheat. In 2009, in the courtroom of the Superior Court of New Jersey, I demonstrated how to hack a voting machine. I wrote a vote-stealing computer program that shifts votes from one candidate to another. Installing a vote-stealing program and a voting machine takes seven minutes per machine with a screwdriver. I did this in a secure facility and I’m confident my program has not leaked out to affect real elections.”

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Professor Appel warned Congress that the software he built is “not rocket science” and that “any computer programmer can write the same code,” adding, that once it’s installed in the voting machines, it can steal the elections for years to come.  Appel explained that voting machines are usually delivered to schools, churches, and firehouses, warning, “In these locations, anyone can gain access for ten minutes.”


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