Oh my! All I need to know about abortion rights advocates I learned last night. Liberal abortion rights heads are exploding because a Doritos commercial depicts a fetus as a valid form of human life. Um, it is…liberals would have you believe that the person growing inside the mom is a blob of cells. This is what they’re afraid of and this is why I couldn’t like this commercial more. Go buy some Doritos today. 

A pregnant mother is undergoing an ultrasound. The (presumed) father is standing by her side, eating Doritos chips.

Suddenly, he notices that the image of the fetus on the ultrasound moves as if to reach for the Doritos as he moves a chip in his hand near and then across the mother’s stomach.

As the image of the fetus lunges from one side of the ultrasound screen to the other, chasing the Doritos chip, the father chuckles in amusement and the pregnant mother asks, “Are you eating Doritos?”

One particularly violent lunge for a chip causes a ‘head-bump’ that gives pregnant mother some discomfort, so she grabs the chip from the man’s hand and throws it across the room. This elicits an unexpected response from the fetus.

It’s almost as if the ad is implying … the fetus could be a valid form of human life … and perhaps worse, it already has a desire for Doritos flavored chips!

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) spotted the ad and took great umbrage with the portrayal of a fetus as potentially human.

Via: Viral 24/7

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