The American Bridge PAC is a dirty, pro-Democrat organization, hell-bent on destroying Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party. They’re so determined to destroy President Trump that they’ve created and produced videos in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, featuring blue-collar workers who either say they supported or voted for Trump in 2016. The goal, of course, is to put a dent in Trump’s incredibly popular image with blue-collar voters in the MUST-WIN states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

There’s a serious problem with at least one of their ads featuring a blue-collar voter from Erie, PA—he’s lying

The American Bridge video features Mark Graham, and Erie, PA voter who claims he voted for President Trump in 2016.  Graham explains that he lives in the blue-collar town of Erie, and explains that he voted for Trump in 2016 because he thought he would “make a change.” Graham is asked by the interviewer, “Did he make a change?” Graham ignores the question and talks about how Trump’s a “bully.” He continues, “He doesn’t understand life around here,” adding “If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to beware of the changes Trump made,” saying “Voting for Donald Trump in 2020 would be like putting gasoline on the fire.” What fire, exactly is Graham referring to in the video?

Curiously, by the end of the video, Graham still can’t name a single example of a “change” Trump made that harmed his community.

There’s one more issue with the ad—a conservative group did some investigating, and it turns out that according to voting records, Mr. Graham never even voted in 2016.


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According to Penn Live: The ads are part of a $5 million advertising campaign being waged by American Bridge in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The ad began running in the Erie area in November. Earlier this month, Erie-area news organization JET 24 checked county voting records and discovered Graham didn’t vote in 2016.

In a subsequent interview, Graham told Erie News Now he’s a registered Republican who participated in a focus group involving Republicans who supported Democrat Ron DiNicola in his unsuccessful 2018 run for U.S. Congress.

Graham told the focus group re-electing Trump would be like “throwing gasoline on a fire.”

That led to The New York Times featuring Graham in two stories about dissatisfied Trump voters and swing voters, and apparently to him being contacted by American Bridge.

The New York Times has attached corrections to both stories stating it confirmed Graham did not vote in the election. Graham has said his statements in the ad reflect his true feelings about Trump.

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania has called for American Bridge to take down the ad and apologize.

“The ad is false, its premise is false and it’s messenger has been discredited,” state GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas said in a news release. “The organization could easily have determined that Graham had not voted in 2016 by checking the publicly available records at the Erie County elections office.”

As of Thursday morning the ad remained on the American Bridge website, apparently in original form.

From the American Bridge PAC website:

American Bridge is the largest research, video tracking, and rapid response organization in Democratic politics. We find what Republicans are hiding and make sure voters hear about it.

In 2017, American Bridge created a new Trump War Room to keep Donald Trump and the Republican Party unpopular in order to lay the foundation for Democrats to retake power in 2018. Our research inundated Republicans with negative news stories – uncovering major scandals, keeping investigations into Trump at the top of mind for voters, and shining a harsh light on cronyism and incompetence in the Trump administration.

In 2018, we were on the ground in over 30 states, around-the-clock researching, tracking, and responding in real-time. And the results showed: Our work resulted in over 50 million dollars in television coverage last cycle, and helped fuel over 50 victories in contested races up and down the ballot.

In 2019 and 2020, American Bridge will be laser-focused on taking back all facets of our government. That means flipping state legislatures, protecting and expanding our majority in the House, winning governor’s mansions, taking back the Senate, and above all else, removing Donald Trump from the White House

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