President Trump golfed with John Daly today and tweeted out a thank you to Daly for the round of golf.

What was even better is the tweet that Daly published thanking President Trump for “One of the greatest days of my life!”

I’m proud to be an AMERICAN, especially w/this man leading our country! One of the greatest days of my life! Thx you for a great day #potus #dad ….you are the best!

Check out Daly’s shorts:

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John Daly also got a shout out from former WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders…a fellow Arkansas Razorback

Daly is quite a character!

He recently had to bow out of the British Open after he lost a battle with officials to use a golf cart because of his bad knees.

He and Larry the Cable Guy greeting each other on the golf course…who knew they are buddies?


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