At Miami University in Oxford, OH, a group of pro-life students is fighting against the school’s plan to make Plan B, an emergency contraceptive pill, available for students in a vending machine on campus.

The student organization, Students For Life (SFL), has created a petition to prevent the vending machine from being put on campus. The petition states that “several members of Associated Student Government (ASG) and even staff members of Miami University – Ohio (MU) have pushed for placing a Plan B vending machine on campus.”

“MU Students for Life, along with the undersigned, demand that school administration prevents this harmful Plan B vending machine from being installed on campus.”

The pro-abortion student organization leading the movement in favor of the vending machine has requested $3,500 student-funded dollars for its installation and stocking.

“This means that you, the student, will be forced to fund readily available access to a drug that harms women and can end innocent human lives,” said SFL in a press release.

In the petition against the vending machine, SFL reveals the potentially harmful effects that Plan B can have on a female who ingests the pill. These serious side effects are rarely advertised to women, many of whom are unaware of the long-term implications of taking Plan B, including a heightened risk of breast cancer.

“Current research shows Plan B can cause serious complications, be ineffective, and potentially create more serious long-term health conditions in the future. Some of the biggest concerns include the Plan B classification by the World Health Organization as a Group 1 Carcinogen and the 44% increased risk of developing breast cancer before the age of 50,” the petition states.

SFL also lists additional side effects, including dizziness, vomiting, increased chance of irregular menstruation and the development of ovarian cysts, a higher risk of infection, and an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, a “life-threatening condition that is also capable of causing life-long infertility.”

“Having this harmful drug readily available to students is unsafe,” the SFL petition concludes. “We demand that the administration take our concerns into consideration and ensure that Plan B is not readily available on campus.”

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