Last night, after a very successful grassroots Trump rally that brought hundreds of thousands to Washington DC where they marched in the streets to show their support for President Trump, Antifa and BLM cowards waited for Trump supporters to head back to their vehicles or hotels so they could violently attack them. They waited like a pack of wild animals preying on innocent men, women, and children. They beat and robbed the elderly—they terrorized young children and toddler inside strollers,

This black mother walking with her small children and pushing a stroller was violently attacked by a mob of BLM terrorists for th crime of attending a Trump rally with her children and white husband:

The violence was so incredible, that seasoned Antifa reporter Savanah Hernandez had to walk away from filming because the inhumanity of these people was too much for her to bear.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who’s been following and recording the violence of Antifa for several years, caught this incredible exchange in DC yesterday. While it isn’t clear if the attackers are BLM terrorists or Antifa terrorists, it is clear that they were acting as a pack and the Trump supporters who became their victims were serioulsy outnumbered, with no police presence around.

Pro MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal commented under the video of the attack posted by Andy Ngo, saying, “I bet I can get a couple of teammates and start attending these things.” He added hashtag #supernecessary


Masvidal followed up with a clarification of his tweet: “And I say this not to promote violence. To keep th peace. We are all in this together.”

The Blaze editor Elijah Schaffer summed up yesterday’s violence  perfectly with this tweet:

I would like to remind you that we are in a civil war Whether you like it or not Try walking into a big liberal city with Trump gear on You’ll quickly see how you are treated like an enemy You won’t be safe In many places your life will be in danger Wake up people

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