Pro Trump Chicagoans decided to hit back after the city used taxpayer dollars to put a sculpture that says ‘Real Fake’ in Front of Trump Tower. They added a little CNN to it…

Here’s the background on this use of public money (Chicago is broke) to make a political statement:
The Windy City is under fire for turning public art into a political message…using taxpayer dollars! The BROKE City of Chicago installed a golden sculpture that spells out “Real Fake” right smack in front of Trump International Hotel and Tower in the city’s downtown area. So the city spent money they don’t have to slam President Trump? No wonder people are leaving the city in droves…

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“Any questions about the artist’s intention or the artwork’s background should be directed to the artist’s gallery Kavi Gupta,” wrote Christine Carrino, the communications director for the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. The statue is bolted into a large public sidewalk space in front of Trump Tower, an area that over the past year has been commonly used for Trump protesters who gather to demonstrate and for tourists and supporters who want a picture in front of the glistening blue sky scraper.

“Art at its best makes a statement. And this piece certainly makes a real statement.” – Spokesperson for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Carrino did not respond to questions about the placement of the sculpture. The Chicago Tribune reports in an article that Carrino said the artwork is up for “interpretation.”

Yes, we’ve interpreted it alright. Does the city of Chicago want to lose even more money if tourists boycott the already broke city? Americans who voted for Trump might just have to do that…

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