A professor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is finding herself on the wrong side of the law after spraying fake blood all over the home of an NRA lobbyist.

Patricia Wonch Hill received a misdemeanor charge for the crime, which occurred on two separate occasions back in October of 2017 and January of 2018.

BizPacReview has more information:

Hill was not the only academic activist to protest Cox. Her UNL colleague, English professor Amanda Gailey, and former College of William and Mary visiting professor Catherine Koebel co-founded The Great American Gun Melt to lend the gun control movement a more radical element, according to The Washington Post.

Another gun control faction, Betsy Riot, describes itself as a “neo-suffragist punk-patriot resistance defending America against Trumpism and metaphorically kicking NRA gunf***ery in the balls.” Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell “debas[ed] democracy” by “Chris Cox-s**king the blood money-j****ng death d**k of the NRA,” the group said.

Hill is to stand trial for her deplorable actions on May 21.

You know, it’s strange that the left often uses disgusting tactics like this, in conjunction with acts of horrific violence, as a means of getting their message out. A message, by the way, that’s supposed to be about stopping violence. The irony is almost too much.

The problem, as per usual, is the left continues to blame the NRA for these mass shootings, despite the fact not a single one of the incidents have been carried out by a group member.

It’s more than intellectual dishonesty, it’s borderline slander.

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