During much of President Obama’s first term, the world watched as ISIS ravaged churches across the middle east, especially in Iraq. Americans watched, as the evil terror group that has since been decimated under President Trump’s leadership, tore down crosses, and destroyed every symbol of Christianity in their path.

Leftists in America are on a similar crusade, as they make their way around to several cities destroying historical statues and monuments across America. The idea of destroying history is not a new concept to many college students who’ve been indoctrinated by their far-left professors into believing that America is an oppressive and even racist country.

On June 10, Max Nesterak, a reporter for the Minnesota Reformer tweeted about members of the American Indian Movement were preparing to tear down the Christopher Columbus statue at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Erin Thompson, an associate professor of art crime at John Jay College, tweeted a response to the tear down of the Christopher Columbus statue and offered her professional advice on the fastest way to destroy the statue.

Campus Reform reported on the professor- I’m a professor who studies the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage and I just have to say… use chain instead of rope and it’ll go faster.

“As America’s only full-time professor of art crime,” according to Thompson’s website, she teaches “the damage done to humanity’s shared heritage through looting, theft, and the deliberate destruction of art.”

“what is happening now with statues being torn down didn’t have to happen this way”

In her interview with the newspaper, Thompson said the attacks on statues “show how deeply white supremacy is rooted in our national structure.” She added, “as an art historian I know that destruction is the norm and preservation is the rare exception.”

Not everyone agrees with the radical professor and the radical far-left elements who are tearing down of historical statues across America. Twitter user Louis Adimando asked a very good question:

So……governments really are going to allow it all to be destroyed and torn down? Western Civilization is going to be replaced with what exactly?

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