A democrat pundit, using the name Liberal Sherpa, Cathy Areu, has been arrested after being accused of exploiting her mom. Areu is a previous contributing editor for the Washington Post and a guest on Fox News.

Areu is accused of stealing over $200k from her mom, taking her mom’s home, and physically dragging her to a nursing home twice using a revoked power of attorney.

According to the Daily Mail the first time the mother was placed in a home, she tried calling a friend for help, but allegedly her daughter told the staff not to allow her phone usage or visitors. Areu’s eighty-eight-year-old mom thought she was being taken for ice cream with her grandchildren rather than going to a nursing home. When doctors and officials found the woman able to make her own decisions, they released her to go home. But prosecutors say Areu and a second person physically dragged her from her house, taking her to another facility. Again the woman was released to go home after being found competent to decide. Paperwork was also filed turning over the mother’s house to Areu, but her mother said it was not her signature.

Miami-Dade County prosecutors say Areu falsified documents to take her mother’s home, took money from her mother’s savings account and reverse mortgage, and took credit cards out in her mom’s name to use.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle made a statement about Areu’s arrest, saying,

 “Every incident of alleged elder exploitation or abuse touches our heart and never fails to shock us…It seems particularly harder to understand when the alleged perpetrator of the exploitation is a daughter, or a son or another blood relative.”

Areu faces felony charges in south Florida for kidnapping and theft, crimes committed against her own mother.

Authorities Miami-Dade County prosecutors say she falsified documents to take control of her mother’s home, siphoned money from her mother’s reverse mortgage and savings account, and took out credit cards in her mother’s name and then used them for her own benefit.

Areu also made headlines in 2020 when she accused Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of sexual harassment. A judge dismissed her lawsuit in 2021. Areu was a regular unpaid guest on Tucker’s show, and other Fox News shows, who bantered with hosts and guests defending her progressive ideals. She also hosted the liberal sherpa podcast.

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