On January 15, the far-left propagandist publication The Atlantic,wrote about the “Boogaloo Bois,” calling them a “menagerie of right-wing populist groups.” Instead of focusing on the ideology of the Boogaloo Bois, which, like Antifa and BLM, is a far-left organization, the Atlantic focused on their fashion sense, and “for their great love of memes.”

On Sunday, January 17th, 2021, armed protesters began assembling at Michigan’s capitol building in Lansing, after radical leftist Democrat leaders warned of an “armed threat” against Capitol buildings across America.

A bearded man with an LGBT flag attached to his rainbow sweatshirt and brandishing a gun appeared to be the spokesperson for a small group of masked, armed protesters that was seen widely circulated video taken in front of the MI Capitol building.

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We reached out to all of our conservative contacts in Michigan who all insisted they wanted nothing to do with any protests surrounding the inauguration, adding that they believed it was a false flag event designed to trick Trump supporters and conservatives into attending to make them appear to be violent anarchists. An interview with progressive talk show host and comedian, Jimmy Dore seems to confirm the speculations of Trump supporters (of which there are plenty) in Michigan.

Dore, who’s doing the job that the mainstream media should be doing, and would be doing if they weren’t so deeply entrenched in the Democratic Party, had an extremely insightful discussion with Magnus Panvidya, the Boogaloo Boi leader and self-proclaimed  anarchist who was seen speaking in the January 17 interview in front of the Michigan Capitol, but refused to share his name with the reporter.

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Panvidya agreed to an intriguing interview with Jimmy Dore where he reveals that his agenda, with the exception of fighting to stop the COVID lockdowns, is the exact opposite of a typical Trump supporter who’s fighting for law and order in America. The radicalized Michigan anarchist is more closely aligned with the Marxist BLM movement that is fully supported by Democrats and anarchists like Antifa, who Joe Biden refers to as “an idea.”

When Dore called Panvidya a “right wing activist,” the radical anarchist quickly corrected him, saying that they are more of the “Libertarian, Green-Party” activists with hundreds of thousands of member, adding that many of their members identify with LGBT, Black Lives Matter and open-borders activists. Dore claimed the Boogaloo Bois are more of a wanna be peaceful, second revolution group.

The MI anarchist explained how they began going out to BLM protests to “march in solidarity” with them. He told Dore that the armed group was welcomed by BLM protesters, but the dishonest media lied about why they were there, and instead, tried to portray them as “white supremacists” who were there to threaten BLM activists. Pandivdya explained that their group is growing in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.

Watch the incredible interview here:

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