Poor AOC was caught off guard when a creature she never knew existed; a conservative black man, approached indicating he’d like his picture taken with her.

She was all smiles and eager to oblige when he claimed to have driven an hour to see her, and gleefully posed for a picture with him. AOC’s happiness was short-lived, however, her toothy grin quickly fading when he said the words that every corrupt Democrat prays hopes they’ll never hear:  “I am a journalist with Project Veritas”.

The words had barely escaped his lips when her handlers swooped in to separate the embarrassed leftist whose racist assumptions had just taken a sizeable chunk out of her unsuspecting bottom.

It’s glorious to watch!

Twitter had a field day,

Best part is she assumes he’s down for the struggle just like her because he’s black.


So they used her racist biases against her…

Boy! Her handlers swooped in mighty quick, didn’t they!!

So just bc he is black she was all in until…

Whew, that was priceless!! Greatest punk ever! Much respect to Project V for this!!

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