Prominent anti-DeSantis talking head and former Congressional candidate Rebekah Jones’ son was arrested this week due to ‘digital threats of terrorism’.

Jones rose to stardom after she claimed to be a ‘whistleblower’ while working for the state of Florida.  She claimed that the Department of Health was underreporting Covid cases and deaths.

It was later revealed that she cherry-picked data, and she was also arrested for illegally accessing state government data that she was not supposed to be privy to.

Jones has claimed that her son’s arrest was politically motivated and orchestrated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In a Tweet on Thursday, she said that her son has a ‘target on his back’ because of her attacks on DeSantis and that the state was ‘stealing her children’ as political punishment.

The police report tells an entirely different story as images were released of her son’s texts where he talked about specific plans for the school he was going to attack and what method he was going to use to do it.

Video evidence released by independent journalist Andy Ngo indicates that Jones turned her son in to the Santa Rosa Sherriff’s office, casting further doubt on to claims that he was ‘kidnapped’ by police.

The Pensacola News Journal Reports

Embattled former state of Florida employee Rebekah Jones announced on Twitter Wednesday night that her 13-year-old son had been arrested in Santa Rosa County for “digital threats of terrorism.”

According to the tweets, Jones said an officer told her a warrant had been issued for her son’s arrest after authorities received an anonymous report about messages her son shared in a Snapchat group.

Jones says that someone claiming to be a cousin of one of her son’s classmates joined their private Snapchat group. She says the person recorded the conversations and reported them to the police after her son shared a popular internet meme criticizing police.

According to Jones, a threat assessment was completed in which both local police and the school signed off on the messages not being a threat. Two weeks later, Jones says her son was then arrested. When Jones asked the officers who ordered the arrest, she says an officer told her “it was the state.”

An incident report released Thursday afternoon by the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office allege that the 13-year-old made repeated threats to shoot up Holley Navarre Middle School and to stab students who angered him.

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