Don’t underestimate the positive influence of the Robertson family, famous for the Duck Dynasty reality show has on millions of Americans who are hungry for a godly message.

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Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson posted a powerful video to YouTube last month, encouraging those with insecurities to be themselves and to walk a life of faith.

The 17-year-old spoke candidly for seven minutes about body image, the danger of comparing one’s self to others, and her relationship with God.

“I’m just going to be straight up honest with everything,” she says in the viral video that now has more than two million views. “I struggle with jealousy, and I struggle with comparing myself to other people. … I’m just like any other girl. I look in the mirror, and I pick out a flaw.”

Robertson warns her fans not to seek validation through others and says the Bible calls jealousy “cancer to the bones.”

“Don’t look at somebody and say, ‘That’s what I want to be’ because in reality, if you’re seeking self approval or human approval, you’re never gonna reach your goal. You can reach it by God,” she declares.

The Dancing with the Stars runner-up also penned a book titled Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps it Real and Stays True to Her Values, which the teen hopes will inspire others, while drawing them closer to God.

Robertson confessed on Good Morning America Monday that she did not expect her video to make such an impact.

“I mean, I just got out of the shower one day, and I was in my pajamas laying in bed, and I was like kind of preaching to myself,” she told GMA‘s Robin Roberts. “So I posted it. Next thing I know I’m on Good Morning America talking about it.”

Robertson also defended her faith against critics, saying she is proud of the way she lives and only strives to encourage others.

“The thing is, it’s like, God is my rock for me, and I’m not saying you have to live that way … but for me that’s what gets me through life.”

She finished by saying, “I want to share my message because if it can help somebody than it’s worth it. People can hate on me, but that’s not the way they have to live. … That’s just who I am. That’s just what I believe.” Via: Breitbart News

Watch: “Just be you and live original”

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