Social distancing during the coronavirus crisis has destroyed the restaurant business, and because of that, one property owner wants to make life easier for owners of local eateries.

Young Investment Company is stepping up to help their tenants during the coronavirus crisis, according to ABC Jonesboro affiliate KAIT.  The Jonesboro, Arkansas company is asking restaurant owners to use rent money “to pay your employees and take care of your family.”

The property owner posted on Facebook:

In an effort to do our part, Young Investment Company will not expect it’s Restaraunt tenants to pay April rent. We ask that you use this money instead to pay your employees and take care of your family. Stay strong. We will get through this together!

One restaurant owner said his business saw a 60% decline just last weekend.

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Hundreds of Facebook comments  of support and praise were posted after the kind gesture:

-I just read about the Young Investment Company’s management and staff’s act of compassion. You all are a bright light in this dark, uncertain time. Much admiration from California.

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-Clay and Pam I commend you both for this difficult but very wonderful decision to do for your clients. Talk about Integrity. That’s it right there my friend. Locals helping locals out. The Young’s have done the right thing.

-GOD BLESS YOU!!!! I read this on KAIT 8 and I want to thank you for what you are doing. I don’t even live in Jonesboro, but I had to acknowledge your efforts! May God FOREVER bless your business and those that work there!

The property owner is giving people a lifeline when he doesn’t have to. That’s incredible.

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