They say God speaks in mysterious ways….

And in other times the message seems to be almost too clear to miss!

That’s the case here as the White House Christmas tree has TOPPLED over…blown over by a gust of wind!

You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

Watch this great clip from Jesse Waters explaining what is going on:


Another view:

Down she goes!

Reports say the tree “may not be salvageable”:

The memes have come fast and hilariously:

My personal favorite:

But there’s actually more to the story than just this.

And it’s even more prophetic!

PenguinSix, who you may recognize from his great local reporting, reports that this wasn’t the original White House tree.

No, in fact the original tree caught a disease and DIED!

This is the replacement tree:

The White House Christmas Tree, a living tree planted just outside on the Ellipse, is dead. Disease ravished the tree so the Park Service decided for the first time in 50 years we would have a cut Christmas tree as the National Tree. That was all well and good, until the winds kicked up and blew that tree over. I was there as workers tried to pick it back up, but then I went over to the US Capitol to catch the tree lighting with the Speaker of the House. But that was disrupted by some Gaza Palestine protesters, who were quickly arrested by the US Capitol Police.


It reminds me of that classic Monty Python scene (“So I built a third one!  …..that burned down, fell over, and then sank into the Swamp”):

Hilarious, right?

And so fitting.

If you’d like to see up close and personal, enjoy this great vid from P6:

This all reminds me of many other prophetic events involving prominent Democrats….

Like this one, anyone remember this?  When a falling light almost took out Hillary Clinton?

Classic moment:

Or how about all the flags constantly falling down around Democrats?

PROPHETIC: Flags Blow Down As Fetterman Tells Huge Lie!

You want a prophetic sign?

I’ll give you a prophetic sign!

It’s not a good one though, at least not for Fetterman.

Or “Fetterneck” as some of you have dubbed him.

Never forget who controls the wind, and never also forget a little Bible verse called Galatians 6:7:


Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Well, it looks like Fetterman just sowed what he’s been reaping and it’s not looking good for him!

Watch here and see what happens immediately after Fetterman brags that he stands with a (P)resident who is “sedition free”:


I mean, the timing was perfect down to the fraction of a second…

Just a big coincidence, I’m sure.

Never forget, the Red Sea Moment we are expecting will come SUDDENLY and it will all happen in a 24 hour period.

They will never see it coming and they’ll be powerless to stop it.

I think it will look and feel very much like what you just saw in that clip.

That video got me thinking about many other moments from Hillary Clinton to Biden where flags fell, lights fell, people fell….

All symbolic.

All kind of feels like the same moment happening over and over.

I put them all together in this montage that you can watch on Rumble:

And here they are individually…

If they don’t get taken down:

More flags crash down around Hillary:

Big moment here, flags suddenly tumble down at DNC convention.

Around Hillary Clinton:

It’s not just the flags that fall…

Here is Hillary going down:


And remember this bad moment?


Was that the day she died?

Many believe so.

We have no comment.

Remember this famous tumble?

It’s not just Hillary falling…

Joe is famous too:

More here:

Remember this one?

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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