Donald Trump just delivered a humble and heartfelt speech in Detroit.

He’s been bashed on social media all day for his visit. Hillary’s thugs were out in force because they’re shaking in their boots that Trump might win. The people deserve better and hopefully they’ll wake up and break free of doing the same thing they’ve done for decades. Detroit needs someone like Trump!


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised the black church Saturday at the Greater Faith Ministries International church as he made his first direct outreach to African-American voters.

“I will always defend your church … so important … and defend your right to worship,” said Trump, who was introduced by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson to polite applause.

The New York businessman emphasized issues such as fighting for good-paying jobs, expanded school choice and a civil rights agenda in his first campaign appearance before a predominantly African-American audience. He acknowledged the discrimination African-Americans still face in the country and pledged to work to heal it.

“We’re all brothers and sisters,” he said in measured tones from notes during almost 10 minutes of remarks. “…We must love each other and support each other and we are all in this together.”

The nation “is too divided and talk past each other,” Trump said. “I’m here today to learn” about how to move beyond racial and economic divides.

“I am here to listen to you,” he said.

The real estate developer noted that he had seen people sitting on the street and inactivity and a lack of jobs in the surrounding neighborhood when he came to the church.

“We’re going to turn it around. We’re going to turn it around, pastor,” Trump said to Bishop Jackson after noting that he had seen people sitting on the street and the lack of activity and jobs in the surrounding neighborhood.

Before the service, he shook hands with the audience and showed off a baby to the congregation. Trump sat in service with Omarosa, the villain from his “The Apprentice” reality television series and his director of African-American outreach.

He also introduced and hugged Dr. Ben Carson, the native Detroiter who ran against him in the Republican presidential primaries and now is an adviser. It was uncertain whether Carson would take Trump on a tour of a Detroit neighborhood after the service.

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