Another conservative Facebook page has been shut down without notice. Sergio Tinoco, a proud American citizen who came to America from Mexico as a child, and worked in the fields as a 7-year-old in Michigan and South Texas, is the epitome of an immigrant who has given his all to America. Now, censors at Facebook have taken upon themselves to silence him. By silencing Sergio, they are also silencing hundreds of US Border agents who relied on him to be their voices.

Sergio Tinoco is a Federal Agent working for the Department of Homeland Security. Born an only child in the city of Pharr, Texas to a single mother who still lived in Mexico, Sergio was raised by his maternal grandparents in the United States so that he could obtain an American education. Due to his family’s poor economical means, he had to work since the age of seven in the crop fields of Michigan and those of the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.

Sergio later served in the US Army and is an American veteran. Following his time in the Army Sergio Tinoco then joined the US Department of Homeland Security as a border patrol agent. Sergio has now been serving his government for 20 years.

Sergio Tinoco wrote the book “Proud American” about his life story. More recently Sergio launched the “Proud American” Facebook page. The page dedicated to border patrol agents has over 44,000 likes.

First, Sergio’s “Proud American” page got a warning that accompanied a post showing the US Border agent’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The notification from Facebook warned Sergio that the Facebook censorship team would be limiting how many of his stories would appear in his follower’s newsfeed.

Here are a few posts from the “Proud American” Facebook page.

It is clear from these posts that the only crime they committed was loving their country.

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Sergio can be seen speaking with Vice President Mike Pence while he visited the southern border.

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Sergio met with fellow author and Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Sergio is proud to be an American serving America, and it shows in his choice of posts on his page. Many of them highlight the hard work of the US Border agents do every day to protect American citizens.

Sergio told us that his page served as a “voice for the border agents.” On his Proud American page that was shut down by Facebook, Sergio reported about how children of US Border agents are bullied in school over their parents role to keep the citizens of our country safe.

What happened to Sergio should shock every American who uses social media platforms like Facebook, to get their news. After years of being “a voice for his fellow US border agents,” Sergio’s “Proud American” Facebook page was shut down without notice.

A few days after his “warning,” Facebook abruptly, and without notice, removed the “Proud American” Facebook page — no reason was given.

Sergio told The Gateway Pundit the Facebook page was taken down without any prior warnings. Sergio added that Facebook suppressed the page in the past but this time they completely removed the entire page.

Sergio told TGP he filed a complaint but has heard nothing back.

Of course, Sergio Tinoco is not the only conservative and “proud American” who has been silenced by the far left gatekeepers at Facebook.

Our 100 Percent Fed Up page, with just under 1.7 million followers, has been hit with multiple fake violations by Facebook and Facebook third-party “fact checkers,” as they build a bogus case against our very popular page that has lost over 93% of its traffic since President Trump’s inauguration. Conservative pages all over America have been shut down. Many of them, like Sergio’s Proud American page, have been effectively communicating a message that the media either refuses to publish or is willfully hiding.

Tell us what you think about the Proud American page being shut down? Have you had problems with unjust censorship by Facebook? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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