The great Charles Payne recently got into a heated debate with Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky, who attempted to defend Biden’s ‘massive’ spending plan.

Payne was substituting for Neil Cavuto on ‘Your World’ when he let Congressman Yarmuth have a big dose of truth, to which the Kentucky Democrat responded with anger. Democrats aren’t used to hardball debates, so this is especially interesting to watch.


It’s frightening that Congressman Yarmouth is the House Budget Committee Chairman because he’s just fine using other pe3ople’s money for this pork-filled spending plan that has little to do with jobs.

Listen below to the debate on the Biden nanny state vs. Charles Payne’s support for free enterprise and smaller government:

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Charles Payne completely calls out and destroys the premise that the government should do everything for the people.

This really is the essential difference between the two Democrats and Republicans.

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