You have to ask yourself what is wrong with two grown men who behave like two mean girls in high school to try and take down someone they disagree with…on national TV!

Tucker Carlson has come under fire for comments he made on his show regarding illegal immigrants. He said America is poorer and dirtier because of them. He is 100% correct.

Our southern border is a sh*thole full of trash and who knows what else because of the constant stream of illegals who dump clothes, plastic water jugs and trash all over the place.

Notice in the video below that Cuomo tries to change the narrative by saying the people are dirtier when Carlson clarified he’s not saying the people are dirty.

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Cuomo even says, “I don’t know where his people are from”. He’s injecting class warfare in there too. Cuomo knows exactly where Carlson’s “people come from”…California! Carlson should know that the open border to California has certainly made the state poorer and the border area dirtier. We thought the left cared so much about the environment…

Our nation is also poorer because of the cost of illegal immigrants. There is study after study proving the point but the left chooses to play politics with what Carlson said.

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Instead, they’ve started an all-out campaign to destroy the guy a la Trump. They are going after his advertisers to get them to stop advertising on his show. They have twisted his words to fit their narrative and to silence him. This should concern EVERY American no matter what side of the aisle they’re on.

So we have two key anchors on CNN who are behaving like schoolgirls on-air at CNN. Unreal!

Don Lemon and Andrew Cuomo have ganged up together on-air before and it’s just really bad form for any news organization to editorialize like this in order to bring down a fellow journalist.


Antifa defender Chris Cuomo and racist Don Lemon attack Tucker Carlson, claiming that his show is “hate speech,” suggesting it has something to do with where “his people” come from. Cuomo then mocks him, calling him a “puppy dog puss.”

“Puppy dog puss”? Who says that? Certainly not grown men on-air at a national network that reaches millions….hum, maybe less than Spongebob but they reach a certain crowd who will buy this propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

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