Residents in southeastern Pennsylvania have been warned by local law enforcement about political signs that are rigged with razor blades around their perimeter, making it dangerous for anyone to try and remove an unauthorized sign that has been placed on their property.

One resident fell victim to this new trap when someone placed a campaign sign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro without permission. When the resident went to remove the unwanted sign, their fingers were sliced by the concealed blades.

The Upper Makefield Township Police Department posted about the dangerous trend, warning residents to be careful when handling campaign signs. They noted that, upon further investigation, additional signs turned up with razor blades attached to the sides. The other candidates that the rigged signs promoted were Democratic congressional candidate Ashley Ehasz and Democratic candidate for Senate, John Fetterman.

The police department’s post expressed their shock at this new form of attacking opposing political parties, saying,

“Over the past election cycles, we have dealt with theft of signs, vandalism of signs, neighbor disputes, etc… but this is the first time we have dealt with this situation. What happened here is totally unacceptable and a disgusting act for which a resident ended up slicing their fingers.


No matter your political affiliation, no matter your candidate preference, resorting to this type of depravity is unacceptable and criminal. We can do better and we must.”

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