For 13 years, the Pure Michigan ad campaign was a fixture across media in the United States, often featuring Detroit native and actor Tim Allen. But in a very unpopular move, one of Gretchen Whitmer’s first official acts as governor was to pull the plug on the award-winning campaign that supported one of Michigan’s most important industries—travel.

A little over one year later, and Whitmer is at it again, except this time, her reckless and irrational decisions are harming more than just the travel industry. Her executive order prevented landscaping, roofing, and construction companies from doing business in Michigan after the governor deemed them to be “non-essential” businesses. The shutting down of outdoor businesses, coupled with orders to prevent stores from selling garden seeds and home improvement items, and threats of arrests for Michigan residents who travel to their vacation homes, sparked an in-vehicle protest at the state’s Capitol. The protest on April 15, drew an estimated 15,000 protesters.

Yesterday, it was discovered that Governor Whitmer was forced to rescind a $200,000 no-bid coronavirus contract to a Democrat Party operative who recently tweeted that he hopes Trump “gets Coronavirus, ASAP.”

Governor Whitmer is Pure Evil…

Today, Democrat Governor Whitmer is in the news again—this time, for a comment she made about how surgeries are no longer allowed in Michigan, but the abortion business will not be affected by her executive order. Whitmer explained that no government official should ever be allowed to tell someone they can’t abort their baby.

According to the NR– Whitmer was a guest on David Axelrod’s podcast “The Axe Files” on April 16. Axelrod asked for her opinion on state efforts to limit abortions in order to conserve medical resources during the pandemic.

“We stopped elective surgeries here in Michigan,” Whitmer replied. “Some people have tried to say that that type of a procedure [abortion] is considered the same, and that’s ridiculous. A woman’s health care, her whole future, her ability to decide if and when she starts a family is not an election. It is fundamental to her life. It is life-sustaining, and it’s something that government should not be getting in the middle of.”

Whitmer’s use of the phrase “life-sustaining” to describe a procedure that intentionally ends a human life is deeply sinister, an example of the Left’s common practice of defending abortion by refusing to admit what it is. “Deciding if and when” to start a family is one thing; actively killing an existing human being is another. The fact that Whitmer refuses to distinguish between the two reveals how indefensible her position is.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer is pure evil.

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