We told you this was coming.

In fact, it even has a name: “Purebloods”.

Those people who’s blood stream is pure and untainted by mRNA and the toxic COVID-19 jab.

Think that’s just kooky conspiracy theory talk?

Take it up with the American Red Cross, not me.  Because they’re the ones who are now prescreening people who donate blood.

Check this out:

Of course the Far-Left “fact-checkers” on Twitter’s Community Notes were quick with an explanation:

That’s all fine and good, but go read the question from the Red Cross again…

It says “Have you EVER had a Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine?”

They even put “EVER” in all caps.

Seems to me like if the concern was only 2-weeks then you wouldn’t phrase your question like that and you would all-caps “EVER”.

But that’s just me.

“The Red Cross is following FDA blood donation eligibility guidance for those who receive a COVID-19 vaccination, and deferral times may vary depending on the type of vaccine an individual receives. If you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll need to provide the manufacturer name when you come to donate,” American Red Cross writes.

“Upon vaccination, you should receive a card or printout indicating what COVID-19 vaccine was received, and we encourage you to bring that card with you to your next donation. In most cases, there is no deferral time for individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine as long as they are symptom free and feeling well at the time of donation. The following eligibility guidelines apply to each COVID-19 vaccine received, including boosters,” the organization added.

Per American Red Cross:

  • There is no deferral time for eligible blood donors who are vaccinated with an inactivated or RNA based COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca, Janssen/J&J, Moderna, Novavax, or Pfizer.
  • Eligible blood donors who received a live attenuated COVID-19 vaccine or do not know what type of COVID-19 vaccine they received must wait two weeks before giving blood.
  • If you have an appointment scheduled and need to change your donation date based on the above guidance, click here.
  • If you have further eligibility questions, please call 1-800-RED CROSS

“I confirm it. I donated my (unvaccinated) blood yesterday and was asked this very question! What is the danger that Red Cross sees in COVID vaccines? Fortunately, my blood is not contaminated with Covid vaccines,” Igor Chudov commented.

Calling all PUREBLOODS!

Calling all PUREBLOODS!

I have a feeling your blood is about to get VERY valuable.

We told you from Day 1.

Stephen Crowder adds an interesting additional wrinkle to the story….

Listen to this:

Hmmmm, so they seem very interested in screening upfront and knowing what they are getting, but then they don’t separate?

Anyone else think that doesn’t make sense?

Are they just tracking on the back-end?


“@RedCross official tells undercover journalist they DO NOT SEPARATE donated blood based on COVID-19 vaccination status; ADMITS unvaccinated recipients can UNWITTINGLY RECEIVE blood from vaccinated donors,” Steven Crowder wrote.

“Situations where you may be in a car accident or something, you need blood right away, there is a possibility that you’ll be getting vaccinated blood,” an American Red Cross phone operator told an undercover journalist posing as a doctor.

“And is there any way for my patients to know if they were getting vaccinated blood?” the journalist asked.

“There isn’t any way. The blood isn’t separated. You know, depending on if you’re vaccinated or not. It’s not separated. The only way that they can get it, blood, that’s not vaccinated is if they donate for themselves. Or if they have a family member that’s willing to donate for them,” the phone operator said.

“Do you guys like track that?” the journalist questioned.

“Track vaccinated vs. unvaxxed?” the phone operator replied.

“Yeah, like ending up to the patient,” the journalist said.

“No, so some people have, you know, had the vaccine two years ago and are still experiencing some type of symptoms. So that’s why we specifically ask regarding that one. Like, for instance, I’ve had one donor before call in and after she received the vaccine, her doctor was able to find that she had a direct correlation to ringing in the ears afterwards. And so we see that as a symptom. So anything abnormal and it still proceeds to this day,” the phone operator continued.

“So she essentially wasn’t eligible to donate. So that’s why we have to ask it. Just because of any type of symptom,” the operator added.

We’ve been warning you this was coming for quite a long time…. 👇

Unvaccinated Blood Now In High Demand…

Sperm of intelligent men is often in high demand.

So too now is blood from intelligent men.


Because the truly intelligent among us knew a scam and a bioweapon when we saw and and we dodged that trap.

It wasn’t easy.

So I guess intelligence, durability and cunning are all traits of the so-called “purebloods”.

But it’s not just me saying it.

Unvaxxed blood is now in strong demand across the country…and short supply.

Check this out:

They’re calling it “safe blood”…how interesting:


And here:

Even far-left VICE is reporting on this:

Anti-vaxxers are trying to create a new global infrastructure for the supply of unvaccinated blood, driven by conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific beliefs about the dangers of mRNA COVID vaccines.

SafeBlood Donation was founded by a Swiss naturopath, George Della Pietra, who considers global coronavirus vaccination campaigns to be “the crime of the century.”

He and his supporters believe, wrongly, that mRNA coronavirus vaccines “contaminate” the blood and destroy the immune system, and that unvaccinated people will be harmed if they receive transfusions of blood supplied by vaccinated people.

While traditional vaccines use inactivated virus proteins called antigens to stimulate the body’s immune system, mRNA vaccines, such as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID vaccines, rely on a new technology that uses the genetic sequence of the antigen to trigger the body into producing antibodies.

The American Red Cross and other major blood collectors say that blood from people who’ve had mRNA COVID vaccines is safe for transfusion, and that while the vaccine is designed to generate an immune response, vaccine components themselves are not actually found within the bloodstream.

But fears about the new mRNA technology, Della Pietra claims, are making some anti-vaxxers wary of getting necessary medical treatment, and have created a demand for a reliable supply of unvaccinated so-called “safe blood.”

“I get hundreds of emails asking me, ‘Do you have blood [available], because I have surgery coming up in three weeks,’” he told VICE World News.

“We want to be a platform for people who want to have the free choice of blood donors,” he said. “Whether they think there is a real conspiracy theory going on, that the New World Order [is happening], or if they simply say ‘I just don’t want it’ for whatever reason’.”

SafeBlood Donation’s campaign reflects a widespread belief among anti-vaxxers that their biological products will take on unprecedented value in an mRNA-vaccinated world. On social media, anti-vax activists have taken to calling themselves “purebloods,” while others speculate that sperm from unvaccinated men could be “the next Bitcoin.”

SafeBlood Donation, which has members in at least 16 countries, eventually hopes to open blood banks providing unvaccinated plasma for its members. But the group’s initial goal is to pressure hospitals and health authorities worldwide into permitting so-called “directed donations” of unvaccinated blood – through which recipients could nominate donors who hadn’t had COVID vaccinations to provide the blood directly for their treatment.

Medical authorities only allow directed donations in specific situations where it is medically necessary, such as to source a rare blood type, but refuse growing requests for “unvaccinated” blood on ethical and medical grounds. The medical consensus is that there’s no risk of harm from being transfused with blood from people who have had the COVID vaccine, with authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration saying there’s no evidence to suggest “an increased risk of adverse events.”

How to Approach an Anti-vaxxer
SafeBlood Donation’s broader vision, if it ever succeeds in its unlikely goal of forcing changes to the existing regime around blood donation, is to create a new global infrastructure for supplying unvaccinated blood. This would involve national databases where people could source donors, affiliated clinics where the unvaccinated could donate and receive blood, and physical bloodbanks of unvaccinated blood.

Della Pietra, the group’s Zurich-based founder, said that the initiative was created to cater to the sizeable minority of people throughout the world who were opposed to taking the mRNA coronavirus vaccine – either because they believed it was medically harmful, or because of conspiracy theories it was a kind of global control mechanism.

Della Pietra personally holds both views, claiming that his own studies of vaccinated blood had revealed the COVID vaccine to contain horrifying “contamination.” “I’ve never seen blood like this. This was, to be honest, the main reason I started the whole thing, because when I saw this, I was so horrified,” he said. He also claimed that there was an agenda afoot to vaccinate everyone on the planet, which he believed was an effort to control the world’s population.

“The whole vaccination thing is from my point of view, mainly to do with controlling people,” he said.

In an attempt to build pressure on medical authorities to allow directed donations, SafeBlood Donation members are writing to authorities requesting them to change their policies. The group also advises its members who are due to have medical treatment involving transfusions to draw up “living wills” stating that they do not consent to receiving transfusions of blood from the general supply, naming unvaccinated individuals as direct donors instead – and threatening to sue hospitals if they don’t comply.

The group advises its members not to identify themselves as anti-vaxxers, “because then you are immediately ‘the enemy’” of the medical establishment.”

Members pay an initial joining fee of €50 (£43.62, $51.80), followed by €20 each subsequent year, and promote the initiative in nationally organised SafeBlood channels on Telegram, the messaging app popular in anti-vax and COVID conspiracy theorist networks. Della Pietra would not reveal the group’s membership numbers to VICE World News, but claims the group is gaining momentum.

No doubt this is next:

Hey, uh….if WeLoveTrump suddenly stops operations, it may be because I’ve found a new side gig that pays better!


Here’s more on Safe Blood:


And a backup on Rumble:

It’s not the first time we’ve covered this…

In fact, we brought you this story last year:

Are You a “Pureblood”? Why The New Term Is Catching On….

First we were labeled as “Deplorables”…..

Now “Purebloods”?

That’s what some people are calling themselves on Tik Tok recently and it means people with blood uncontaminated by the poison vaxx and the spike proteins.

You know, blood from God, untainted!

Not a term I was familiar with previously, but it apparently comes from Harry Potter:

Here are more details from the NY Post:

Some anti-vaxxers have proclaimed themselves “Purebloods” in a campaign of biological supremacy against those who received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“From now on, I refuse to be referred to as ‘unvaccinated,’” said conservative influencer Lyndsey Marie in a post last week. “I want everyone to now call me Pureblood.”

Her hashtags included #harrypotter, #pureblood and #unvaccinated.

Marie is most likely referring to a term more recently popularized by the “Harry Potter” series, which saw wizards and warlocks with the most magical progeny assigned as “purebloods” or “half-bloods” — as opposed to “muggles,” mere humans who practice magic.

Unvaccinated TikTokker Lyndsey Marie is urging like-minded followers to call themselves “pureblood” and promised merchandise emblazoned with the term.

Marie’s video has since racked up more than 396,000 views as she’s also promised followers a new line of merchandise emblazoned with “PUREBLOOD; Unmasked, Unvaxxed, Unafraid.”

Hashtag #pureblood has currently over 55 million views — a vast majority of which are good-faith Harry Potter fans. But a few users latched on to Marie’s movement.

“In like five, 10 years, maybe less, all the people who are unvaccinated — we’re gonna be hunted,” warned TikTokker @Leeannstar23, according to a Vice News story published Wednesday. The user has since removed the post.

Lord Voldemort

The character of Lord Voldemort in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” book series was inspired by the same ideologies that gave rise to Adolf Hitler’s crusade during World War II.
©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett C

“It’s gonna be like ‘Resident Evil.’ We’re gonna be the antidote, because everyone else is fucked, and we’re gonna be the only ones with pure blood,” they suggested.

The term is gaining steam elsewhere on social media. “Pureblood Patriots. Listen to me. The Great State of Mississippi will fight this discrimination. We welcome you all,” announced one self-appointed state spokesperson.

Here is the far-left slant, from Vice:

The term “pureblood” doesn’t exactly have the best connotations. But now unvaccinated people on TikTok are, er, trying to reclaim the term as a way to tout their “superiority” over their jabbed fellow citizens.

The phrase was popularized by J.K. Rowling’s villain Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series as a way to distinguish between those with “pure” wizard ancestry and everyone else, drawing parallels with the Nazi doctrine of the “master race.” As a concept, basically, it’s been used to justify some of the worst crimes against humanity in history.

The new “pureblood” trend seems to have gotten a big boost from conservative TikToker influencer Lyndsey Marie in a post shared last week replete with hashtags like #harrypotter, #pureblood, and #unvaccinated.

“From now on, I refuse to be referred to as ‘unvaccinated,’” she declared. “I want everyone to now call me Pureblood.”

The video has since racked up nearly 250,000 views and Lyndsey Marie is now promising her followers that a line of “pureblood” merch (which will feature an image of a lion and the text, “PUREBLOOD; Unmasked, Unvaxxed, Unafraid.”)

Meanwhile, the term has inspired scores of other un-vaxxed social media users to make their own videos.

And before I go, I never like to leave you feeling down…

I always like to provide solutions.

So if you’re NOT a “pureblood” but wish you were, keep reading…

HELP! What Can You Do If You Took The Poison Vaxx And Now Regret It?

I had a good friend back on my show today…

Chris Burres from C60 Evo.

Have you heard about C60?

If not, you need to listen to this…

Because it’s pretty incredible, and in light of everything we are fighting (COVID, vaxx, poison jabb, on and on) we need every advantage we can get to keep our health strong…and clean!

Before we go any further, let me give you my standard disclaimer:

I am not a doctor.  I’m not giving medical advice.  I’m not claiming I can treat or cure any medical disease.  

There, we good?

We on the same page?

I am a reporter and an investigator and I love interviewing smart people.  Interesting people.  People who have something that can help the world!

Ok, let’s continue….

Because I’m very excited to share this with you and I think it might help a lot of people.

I want to talk about the poison vaxx and it’s damaging effects….

I know many people were forced into taking it.

Threatened with the loss of their jobs….

Shamed into taking it…

Bribed into taking it….

Conned into thinking you had to take it to “help Grandma”.

Whatever the case, millions of people now regret it and they want it OUT of their body!

I can’t guarantee results, but after talking with Chris Burres at C60 Evo I am so encouraged about what this might do for you.

We talked about how similar it is to Glutathione and how it removes free radicals and bad actors from your body.

Want to remove graphine?

Want to remove poison nano-particles?

Give your body a fighting chance!

I’ll let Burres explain in his own words…

Watch here on Rumble:

ESS60: The Secret To Overcoming The Poison Vaxx?

Visit 👉 https://www.c60evo.com/welovetrump/
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Check out the testimonials too:

There are a ton on the website, read them here:


And that’s not even to mention the Hair Restoration Product they just launched!

I love C60 and I personally take it every day.

Here’s more about why:

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Is C60 Your “Secret Weapon” To Staying Healthy?

Hi friends, Noah here with a Special Report!

I want to take a moment to break from the news and talk about something that is vitally important:  your “vitals”!

Your health is something that is more important now than ever before, so I had Chris Burres from C60 Evo back on my show to talk about what I’m calling the “secret weapon” to staying healthy.

Why secret?

Because most people have never heard about C60, but it’s the real deal….that is, if you consider winning a “Nobel Prize” the real deal.

Not a bad thing to have on your resume!

I had Burres on my show a few months ago and I received so many questions for him about C60 that I had to get him back on and go through all of them.

Now is NOT the time to take chances with your health….I think we can all agree on that, right?

So if some of these questions sound familiar, it might be because they came from you!

Before we go to the interview, let me give you a little more background….

First, let me give you my disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving you medical advice.  I’m not telling you this is going to treat or cure any condition you have.  I’m just telling you what I have personally experienced. Consult your own doctor before taking any vitamin, mineral, supplement or medicine.

Because I have been taking C60 for over a year now and I love it!

In fact, the only reason I ever connected with Burres in the first place is because I was such a fan of their product that I contacted them and asked if there was any way I could get them on the show!

And they were gracious enough to give their time (twice now) to come on and chat with me.

So let me talk to you for a bit about my personal experience with C60 over the past year and why I think it’s so vital to keeping my immune system at FULL STRENGTH….

C60 is a powerful antioxidant often described as the “perfect carbon molecule”.

It’s an antioxidant that has been measured to be 172x more powerful than Vitamin C!  How about that?

No, it’s not actually “Vitamin C” itself, it just has 172 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C, and that’s a big deal!

That’s like, 172 oranges!

You can’t eat 172 oranges, but you can protect and strengthen your body!

Not only is it an antioxidant, but it’s an anti-viral and an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory.

I’ll tell you one thing….ever since I saw the Deep State going after Carbon and trying to tax carbon emissions with their Al-Gore Carbon Tax, I immediately knew one thing:  I bet Carbon is actually pretty good for you!

Turns out I was right.

Especially the Carbon-60 “perfect carbon molecule.”

So once I learned more about it, I then set out to find where to buy it from the most reputable company.

I found there are a lot of companies selling C60 that might actually be bad for you and toxic (not fit for human consumption!), so I found the one that has the highest standards and safest, most continually-tested product out there….and that was C60 Evo.

I’ve been personally taking C60 for over a year and feel amazing so in light of all the health issues plaguing our nation right now, I decided I’d have one of its founders, Chris Burres, back on my show.

We kept this interview a little shorter so listen closely as we move FAST through a ton of details.

If you’re ready to:

👉 Get better, deep and restful sleep….

👉 Have more energy during the day…

👉 Experience less negative effects after drinking alcohol…

👉 Keep your immune system in prime condition…

….then you need to hear this interview.

Watch right here from Rumble:

To visit their website go to 👉 https://www.c60evo.com/welovetrump/

Use promo code EVNOAH to save 10%.

Backup here on YouTube:

To visit their website go to 👉 https://www.c60evo.com/welovetrump/

Use promo code EVNOAH to save 10%.

Now….want even more on an immune-boosting health plan?

Look no further than my friend Clif High.

Clif has routinely promoted C60 in the past and here is even more of what he recommends.

Take a look:

If that Tweet gets taken down, here is a screenshot of what he posted:

I’m going to give you my disclaimer once again…..

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor and I don’t practice medicine.

And neither is Clif!

Neither of us is giving you medical advice.  NOTHING in this article is medical advice.



I’m just reporting on what others have said.

But let’s be honest….I think I can probably do better than the “doctors” like Dr. Fraudci, Dr. Birxx who lie to you and serve you up a big heaping pile of propaganda!

You can probably take whatever they tell you to do and just do the opposite and you’d probably be pretty close to an ideal course of action!

So no, I’m not a doctor, but if being a doctor puts you in the same class as Dr. FRAUDci, then I take not being a doctor as a badge of honor.

I’m a reporter.

I simply report what I hear and see from others.

To paraphrase a once great network: I report, you decide!

But what I can report is that it sure looks like some very basic stuff can drastically help you recover and protect your body going forward!

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chaga Mushroom Tea, C60, and of course hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin may be highly effective!

If you scroll down, I have links for you.

And let’s consider the worst case scenario…..taking more vitamins is almost never a bad thing, right?

Your body needs them regardless of what virus is floating around out there.

As long as you don’t take too much of the fat-soluble vitamins, it’s almost NEVER a bad thing to give your body more vitamins.

Now let me give you a little more background on Clif and why he’s making these recommendations….

Watch this video where Clif High explains what the spike protein is actually doing to your body, why it is definitely a bio-weapon, and how each of the items listed above can help:

[iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/sbls9aO7kys6/” width=”100%” height=”360″]

Here is one more where he goes into even more detail and in this one he talks about the power of C60 and why you need to get some!

Ever since you were a kid, you were told to get your vitamins!

It’s basic advice that was good then and is still good now!

You need large doses of the right kind of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to maintain certain blood levels, and then Clif recommends C60 too.

Watch the interview here from Rumble (they discuss it in the first 10 minutes) and then scroll down for links to where you can get the best of each item:

If you want to follow Clif’s advice, here are some links to the products I like to use.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a link to NAC on Amazon because Amazon banned it.

One of the oldest and most trusted supplements in the bodybuilding industry and Amazon suddenly banned it right now.


So we go with the rest of the list….

First is Glutathione:

You want to get “Liposomal” Vitamin C, very important.

And in case that sells out, which tends to happen, this is another good Liposomal Vitamin C:

Now on to Vitamin D.

Here is my current favorite and the one I personally take:

And a backup Vitamin D3:

And Chaga Mushroom Tea:

And here is the Zinc Balance:

And we end with C60.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been personally taking C60 for over a year and I have not came down with COVID.  Not saying it treats or prevents COVID, I’m just saying my experience.

Regardless of COVID, I love taking it and have noticed multiple benefits.

Here’s what many people have reported:

C60 is a powerful antioxidant (172x the power of Vitamin C), antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  

I liked it so much I actually contacted the company and got everyone who is reading this a deal.

The company is called C60Evo.

Go to their website here and then be sure to use promo code EVNOAH and you’ll get 10% off your order!

I love this stuff and I think you will too.

Cheers to good health and a big thank you to Clif High for putting out this information!

No, I’m not promising you won’t get COVID, but I am saying that TAKING YOUR VITAMINS and powerful ANTIOXIDANTS is a good idea!

Be smart.

Be safe.

Be healthy!

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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