On June 4th, Attorney General of Arizona Mark Brnovich wrote a letter to the DHS and ICE imploring them to reverse course on an effort to convert a hotel to a holding facility that will be used to house border crossers in light of a surge of migrants from south of the border. The hotel is located in the city of Scottsdale and has a contract with ICE to the tune of $86.9 million and will be used to house up to 1,200 migrants if need be.

The feds are moving illegals to cities across America without the approval of the local government and residents:

Local resident Lisa Seger had this to say about the move by the feds: “Over the Memorial Day Weekend, we were notified about the hotel and the illegals that were moved in under the cover of darkness without any kind of consultation from the local community.”

While hotels used for this purpose have been traditionally located as close to the southern border as possible, Scottsdale is located in the Greater Phoenix area in the now-infamous Maricopa county, which does not border Mexico.

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While Sen. Sinema, Arizona’s Democrat Senator, was informed of DHS’s intention, AG Brnovich and the residents of Arizona were not given official notice of this move, having to receive news of it through the newspaper. Indeed, AG Brnovich “was extremely disappointed to learn about this through a newspaper report rather than any prior contact from DHS or ICE, even though there are important public safety issues involved in locating any detention center in a community setting.”

While these “Emergency Family Staging Centers” are claimed to be short-term and only to allow for processing to be done, there have been instances of violations that have called this claim into question. Subsequently, according to KPHO, hundreds protested outside the hotel to voice their concerns over the issue:

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