Putin is winning the hearts of the international community with this latest move. Putin reportedly sent a german shepherd puppy to France to replace Diesel, the beloved police dog who was killed during the raid on ISIS terrorists in France.

Putin is also starting to look like a hero in the war against ISIS, as it was reported earlier today that Putin’s military took out 600 jihadi’s in Syria. China has also reportedly agreed to join Russia’s battle to defeat ISIS in Syria. Meanwhile, you’ll likely find Obama doing what he’s most passionate about, community organizing. More than likely, he’s hunkered down with some radical college students supporting the Black Lives Matter movement trying to figure out their next move. 

Obama doesn’t have time for international affairs, he’s got borders to open and race wars to wage. Real leaders have much more important issues to deal with, but then we all know Obama’s not a real leader and that’s not how community organizers roll…

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to send a puppy to their French counterparts to replace Diesel the police dog that was killed during a police raid in Paris on Wednesday.


Diesel, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, was a member of a French anti-terrorist police unit. The dog bravely died when the French Special Forces raided an apartment building in Saint-Denis.

To support the French policemen, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to send them a little German Shepherd puppy, named Dobrynya [after one of the most popular folk heroes in Russian culture], Elena Alekseeva, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, said on Instagram.

Although still a pup, Dobrynya would hopefully grow up to be an important member of the French anti-terrorist police unit.
“The puppy will be transferred to France to show solidarity with the French people and their police in the fight against terrorism,” Alekseeva said.

Via: Sputnik News 

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