In a Further Attempt to Link Ukraine to Nazism, Russia Declares May 9th the End of War in Ukraine

Celebrated as Victory Day in Russia and some other former Soviet States, May 9th marks the surrender of the Third Reich to Soviet forces in 1945. According to Ukrainian officials in Kyiv, Putin has already declared this date also to be the end of the war in Ukraine, implying that Russia will redouble its efforts to capture Kyiv and force a surrender from the defending state.

From the Daily Mail:

In a Facebook post, the general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said: ‘According to the available information, among the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, propaganda work is constantly being carried out, which imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022.’

Russia has been declaring Ukraine a “Nazi” nation for over a decade now. It continues to attempt to tie the Ukrainian government and military to Nazism in the minds and hearts of the Russian people, including those residing in Ukraine. By declaring the end of the war as the same date as Victory Day, the holiday commemorating the defeat of the Nazis will forever be associated with the defeat of Ukraine as well. This is an intense form of propaganda and one which very well may pay off. However, first Russia must be able to capture Ukraine before that date.

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Russia’s war in Ukraine – intended to be a days-long military mission to decapitate the government and bring the country back under Moscow’s influence – is now grinding into its second month with huge losses for both sides.

Russia has thus far failed in its initial objective of capturing Kyiv and overthrowing the Ukrainian government. As both sides face mounting losses, Russian forces are stalling out around Kyiv.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Map

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Currently, Russia’s advance is at a standstill in most of Ukraine, and Kyiv continues to hold out, despite the mounting threats from Russia. Russia may prove incapable of capturing Kyiv before the 9th of May.

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