Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening to escalate the use of force against innocent Ukrainians in his brutal theft of their nation.

Daily Mail reports – Russia could use savage superweapons that vaporize bodies and crush internal organs if their assault of Ukraine becomes bogged down, Western officials warned tonight.

They fear Vladimir Putin could resort to high-power thermobaric weapons – dubbed the ‘father of all bombs’ – as brave Ukrainians resist his attempts to take control of Kyiv.

There are also concerns that units that are running behind schedule as they encounter stiff opposition could resort to indiscriminate shelling as a terror weapon.

Thermobaric weapons – also known as vacuum bombs – are high-powered explosives that use the atmosphere itself as part of the explosion. They are among the most powerful non-nuclear weapons ever developed.

A thermobaric bomb dropped by the US on Taliban in Afghanistan in 2017 weighed 21,600 pounds and left a crater more than 300 meters (1,000 feet) wide after it exploded six feet above the ground.

‘My fear would be that if they don’t meet their timescale and objectives they would be indiscriminate in their use of violence,’ the official said. ‘They don’t adhere to the same principles of necessity and proportionality and rule of law that Western forces do.’

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has literally been begging his NATO allies to ban Russia from the SWIFT international banking system.

“We believe Russia should be discontinued from anything that democratic countries allow them to be a part of,” Ambassador Oksana Markarova said during a press event Thursday. “We strongly ask everyone to support the discontinuation of SWIFT, disconnecting Russia from SWIFT.”

Removing Moscow from the international banking system would effectively cut Russia off from top financial networks.

The international program allows banks worldwide to securely and efficiently communicate with one another and it facilitates trillions of dollars worth of cross-border transactions.

But the U.S. and it’s European Union allies failed to block Russia’s access to SWIFT in its second tranche of sanctions Thursday.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now taken the lead in helping to end the brutal conflict by “introducing new sanctions against Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov imminently,” that includes removing Russia from SWIFT, as he called on fellow NATO leaders to join him to “take immediate action against SWIFT to inflict maximum pain on President Putin and his regime.”

Mr. Johnson also delivered a message of support to the Ukrainian people:

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has announced that Italy has also agreed to support banning Russia from SWIFT.

The Latvian Defence Minister explains why European politicians and diplomats are opposing the removal of Putin from SWIFT “because they’re afraid to lose money.”

Meanwhile, in America, the feckless Joe Biden made it clear yesterday that he was unwilling to get behind the expulsion of Putin from SWIFT.

“It is always an option,” Biden said at a press conference. “But right now, that’s not the position that the rest of Europe wishes to take.”

Bumbling Biden repeated his answer today when asked about why he refuses to support disconnecting Russia from SWIFT. Biden told reporters the sanctions they’ve placed on Russia exceed banning Putin from SWIFT, saying “Let’s have a conversation in another month or so to see if they’re working.”

Do Ukrainians, who are being blasted by Russia as we speak, have “another month or so?”

This afternoon, Dmytro Kuleba spoke with Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken on the need to use all US influence on some hesitant European countries to ban Russia from SWIFT.

Bumbling Biden is doing what he does best—leading from behind.

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