The well-spoken and always articulate race-baiter, Al Sharpton, offered some of his brilliance up to a Buzzfeed reporter tonight at the scene of the funeral of 27-year old Erica Garner who died of a heart attack on December 30, 2017. Erica Garner became an activist when her father died during a struggle with the NYPD on July 17, 2014, at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement that was being fueled by Al Sharpton and President Barack Obama.

In a “you can’t make this up” moment, Al Sharpton is now blaming the NYPD for causing Erica Garner’s death.

Here’s what Al Sharpton told the Buzzfeed reporter

“The fact that she saw, over and over again that video of her father saying, “I can’t breath”—11 times. The fact that she had to live with, this was her father. For many of us, this was an issue that keeps comin’, for her, it was her daddy that’ll never come back. And I think absolutely and unequivocally the pain that broke her heart and caused her condition. And I lay as I said,  at the hands of the justice system that has refused, to this day, Erica and all of us met with the federal government right down there Eastern district just a few months ago, and to this day, has not come back with a case. We’re waiting on that to also move to the city to fire the police officers. So I think that this is clearly, the second victim of the same crime.”


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It appears as though Al Sharpton is not alone in his argument that the racist NYPD killed Erica Garner. The chorus of Black Lives Matter played back-up for the good reverend, and even had a chant and sign prepared to push the narrative.

Watch, as these Black Lives Matter activists attempt to blame racism, and racial injustice for Erica Garner’s death:

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