Navy veteran, wife of cop, grandmother and outspoken mother (with one son she helped to put in prison) answers CNN host, Don Lemon’s questions about black crime and cop hating Black Lives Matter protesters. Lemon appears to be taken back by some of her answers. You’re going to love her tough-love responses to his questions. Watch:

Peggy Hubbard, the woman who posted a #BlackLivesMatter rant that went viral, appeared on CNN tonight to tell Don Lemon why she thinks the movement has misplaced priorities.

Her main frustration is that a nine-year-old black girl was killed in a drive-by shooting, but no one cared, and at the same time, protesters rioted after someone who reportedly pointed a gun at cops was shot by the police.

Hubbard told Lemon that police officers across the country are worried either about being killed or being “the next Darren Wilson” because of the strong anti-police sentiment.

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Lemon read some of the nasty responses she’s gotten for her outspokenness (including at least one invocation of the n-word) and asked for her response. Hubbard replied, “Bite me.”

Here is Peggy Hubbard’s  original rant on YouTube:

It outraged Hubbard that activists protested for “the thug” and said, “Are you f*cking kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you are the f*cking most violent motherf*ckers I have ever seen in my life.”

Hubbard laid down the law and repeatedly said “f*ck you” to the people spreading “bullshit” about police brutality.

She said the “black lives matter” mantra should be applied equally to black-on-black crime and elaborated, “327 homicides later y’all want to holler police brutality? Black people, you’re a fucking joke. You’re tearing up communities over thugs and criminals.”

She added, “You shoot at them, they’re gonna shoot at you.”

In a follow-up video, she ended up elaborating and apologizing for her profane language, explaining that she was just very angry and heartbroken.

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