This is the second major blow today to Obama and his plans to fundamentally transform America. The first blow to Obama was today’s US Supreme Court ruling against his unlawful executive amnesty proclamation. Both of these decisions are victories for Americans who are sick and tired of watching our nation being torn apart and divided by racist hate mongers, whose only goal is to build a coalition of Democrat voters…

A judge explained why he found a police driver not guilty in the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man whose neck was broken on the way to the station: He didn’t see any evidence of a crime.

Baltimore Judge Barry Williams ruled Thursday that the state failed to prove Officer Caesar Goodson committed murder, manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment or misconduct in office.

“There has been no evidence that this defendant intended for a crime to happen,” Williams said. “The state had a duty to show the defendant corruptly failed in his duty, not just made a mistake.”

Goodson’s acquittal is the worst blow yet to efforts to hold police accountable in a case that triggered riots in the troubled city. The state’s third failure to convict also casts doubt on whether any of the six indicted officers will be found guilty.

Baltimore’s police union president, Gene Ryan, called on State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to reconsider her “malicious prosecution,” since he’s certain the remaining officers also will be found without guilt.

The case became a rallying cry for the growing Black Lives Matter movement and sparked more outrage nationwide over how black people are treated by police and the criminal justice system.

But the case hasn’t fit quite so neatly into the American narrative of white authorities imposing justice unfairly on black people. In this case, the defendant, trial judge, state’s attorney and mayor are African-American; at the time of Gray’s death, so was the police chief.

After the verdict, Black Lives Matter activist and Baltimore native DeRay Mckesson aimed his criticism at the entire system.

“Today is a reminder that there is a set of laws, policies and police union contracts across the country that will protect any form of police behavior,” he said.

Goodson was the only one of the six officers charged in Gray’s death to be accused of murder. He’s the second to be found not guilty, and another officer’s case ended in a mistrial.

Mosby appeared crestfallen as she hurried out of the courthouse and sped away in a black SUV. When she confidently announced the charges last year, she reflected the anger of many people who saw the case as open-and-shut. Via: AP

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