MTV “Decoded” host, Francesca Ramsey works tirelessly to prove to young viewers that all white people are “racists,” even when they’re not trying to be. Apparently, she’s supposed to be funny and clever in the delivery of her,”all white people are racists” message. But is there really anything funny about a TV host who uses a network geared towards young minds to convince them that all white viewers are all “racists”? This divisive rhetoric is nothing new for most high school and college students, as they hear the same “white shaming” message from almost every one of their teachers on a daily basis. The irony is, even though academia and the entertainment business are working overtime to “stop racism,” our nation has never been more divided since the civil rights era when the Democrats worked so hard to keep “colored people ” down.
Last night, Mike Pence attended “Hamilton in NYC and was “booed” by ignorant, disrespectful audience members:

At the end of the show, the lead actor in “Hamilton” took the opportunity to admonish and embarrass Vice President-elect Mike Pence in front of the entire audience. He also encouraged audience members to take to social media to tweet and share his sickening treatment of Mike Pence with as many people as possible.

After Americans saw this disgusting video they took to social media to express their disgust for the embarrassing display of disrespect and bullying by the “Hamilton” cast and audience.  A #BoycottHamilton campaign was started on Twitter:

A flash mob is taking place in NYC to protest “Hamilton” today:

Meanwhile, the race obsessed, and the oh so tolerant MTV host Francesca Ramsey took to Twitter to, mock Trump supporters, suggesting they should keep their mouths shut because they “can’t afford tickets [to “Hamilton”] in the first place”:

Not only does Ramsey make a living on MTV making white kids feel guilty for being “racists,” (even if they may not have a racist bone in their body), she also spends her spare time tweeting things that are blatantly false in order to keep Americans divided. Does Ramsey have any proof that Trump was “endorsed by the KKK” or is it enough to just repeat the echo chamber of the Left, with absolutely no evidence to back up her blatantly false accusation:

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Here are a couple examples of Ramsey’s racist videos used to white shame young viewers:

And then there’s the “white people are responsible for the derogatory terms blacks use against them” video:


Given the forces that Left is using to indoctrinate our young adults, is it really so stunning that these young, self-loathing, indoctrinated minds are joining Soros agitators in the streets to unfairly protest a man whose only goal it is to Make America Great Again?
Americans of every race and social class need to stop allowing the Left to divide and define us as a “racist” nation in order to keep the Democrats in power. Division is only an effective tool for the Democratic Party if Americans are willing to sit back and allow themselves to be defined by a hateful, power hungry group of people who have only one objective. Hint: It’s not to make America great again….

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