In a video recently posted by Libs of TikTok, a Black woman spews hatred for people that are different from her, claiming that the majority of police officers, men, and white people are bad.

In response to one of the woman’s previous TikTok videos, someone commented that she should “look for good characteristics in white people,” which sent her off on an angry rant.

She first targeted cops with her hateful stereotypes, saying “every other day you wake up and like there’s one that shot somebody in the back,” and using this to justify why she doesn’t trust any cops.

The woman then shared her hatred for men, mocking people who try to defend them against sexists like herself. She made a blatantly false statement to prove her point that all men are bad, saying that “the majority of them commit violent crimes or sex crimes.”

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Her statement is not even close to true. Does she really believe that most men commit crimes? If she does, her judgment is so clouded by bias and prejudice that she has been completely removed from reality.

Finally, she reaches her main point: that most white people are bad. She bashes white people, insisting that most are racist and bad because they vote Republican.

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“The majority of [white people] like to vote for Trump and Republicans, so it’s like maybe we need to be a little hesitant about the white people that we allow into our space,” she said. “You see what I’m saying?”

So, in her mind, all people who are white, male, and/or work in law enforcement are bad? It’s people like her that are perpetuating hate in our world.

She pretends to be a good person, tearing down the people who she feels have wronged her and her community. However, she is really contributing to a deepening division in our country and perpetuating false stereotypes about large, diverse groups of people.

People on Twitter called this woman out for her ignorance.

One Twitter user, Dominique Clare, pointed out that, by spreading hate and stereotypes about people, she is doing precisely what she thinks she is fighting against. Clare wrote, “She needs to realize that this is exactly what the equivalent white people to her messed up thought process feel about us for a lot of things. They are all out here judging entire races based solely on the bad people.”

Another commenter said, “So what we’ve learned today is the best way to avoid racism is to engage in racism which will likely generate racism in others where it didn’t previously exist.”

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