The Talladego College band students have been invited to play at Trump’s inauguration. Talladego College was founded by slaves, and most of these students come from poor families. 99% of the band members have never even been to Washington DC. During his campaign, Trump talked about how important it will be for his administration to help the forgotten Americans that politicians promised to help when they wanted their votes, but did nothing for them once they got into office.
Last week, Dr. Hawkins, the President of the college was a guest on the O’Reilly Factor and told his story to Bill O’Reilly. His viewers jumped into action and donated over $500K in a very short time.  For anyone who would like to donate to the Gofundme page click HERE.

Bill O’Reilly reacted to the approximate $500,000 (currently up to over $560K) that has been raised for the Talladega College ‘Marching Tornadoes’ band’s trip to participate in the Inauguration Day ceremony for President-elect Donald Trump in Washington.

In his Talking Points Memo, he said that much of the money raised for the historically black college was bankrolled by people that mainstream entities often demonize as “racist”.

“Generalizing about any group is foolish and dishonest,” O’Reilly said, calling the impromptu fundraiser “a repudiation of race-baiters.”

O’Reilly recalled how college president Dr. Billy Hawkins’ appearance last week on the “O’Reilly Factor” was not intended as a fundraising announcement, but that subsequent guest Omarosa Manigault mentioned the GoFundMe account.

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Hawkins has since received threats and derogatory comments for standing firm on sending his students to the District of Columbia.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer added that the nationwide response to the appeal by Talladega is what Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Inauguration Day, is all about. – FOX

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The haters came out on social media and made outrageous statements like the one below:

The sons of two deceased Talladega graduates posted on Facebook that they are returning their parents’ diplomas in opposition to the school’s decision to march.

“Both of our parents have passed away since receiving this cherished recognition from the College. But we have no doubt that they would be angered and deeply disappointed if they knew of the plans for Talladega College to pay tribute to Donald Trump by participating in his inaugural,” Peter, David and Steven Rasmussen wrote. “Mr. Trump has demonstrated in innumerable ways, during the electoral campaign and his time as president-elect, that he is the antithesis of all they worked and stood for and of the values they nurtured in their students.” NBC

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