Ironically, He KILLED Cops Protecting Rights Of Cop Haters…

The gunman who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas in an attack on police officers has been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report.

Racist Micah Xavier Johnson was an Army Reserves veteran who took the life of at least one former Marine who was protecting the rights of protesters to protest cops. 

brent Thompson

Officer Brent Thompson has been identified as one of the 5 Dallas police officers killed in Thursday’s sniper attack. Thompson, an officer with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system, was the first of the 5 officers who died to be named.

Thompson, 43, had served in dangerous places before: He was an international police trainer who mentored Iraqi and Afghan police in the concepts of “democratic policing,” training Afghan officers how to avoid an ambush, according to a 2006 New York Times article quoting him and his own LinkedIn page. He’d also previously trained American police officers in active shooters. He was also a father and a grandfather.

Officer Thompson shared this meme on his Facebook page in 2014:


Ironically, Officer Thompson was killed by another veteran, Micah X. Johnson, an angry, racist veteran who declared war on Whites and White LEO’s on his homeland.

johnson army

It is not clear if there were any other gunmen, or whether other people taken into custody by police were involved in the shooting. Police initially said two snipers positioned themselves in triangulated locations to fire on officers from elevated positions.

The gunfire began just before 9 p.m. while a peaceful rally was held by Black Lives Matter in response to recent controversial police killings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

After the shootings in downtown Dallas, the gunman, identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, holed himself up inside El Centro College in the downtown area of the city, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a press conference.

The gunman was then cornered in El Centro College in downtown Dallas.

He told police he was “not affiliated with any groups,” and he said he “did this alone,” the chief said.

Here is a post from his Facebook page, which has since been remove. Johnson may say he is not affiliated with any groups, but by the postings found by on his Facebook page, it is clear he holds the same “black power” views as the BLM protesters/rioters. We’re pretty sure there is no specific ID or group membership card that the BLM organizers supply their followers with, but just watch the media spin his comments to distance himself for the BLM rioters protesters:

black power micah johnson

Johnson says he’s not affiliated with any groups, but what about this group, the Black Power Political Organization, who took responsibility for the killings of Dallas law enforcement officers last night? 

Facebook banner photo. This Facebook page has since been removed.
Facebook banner photo. This Facebook page has since been removed.

Here is the post this group placed on their page immediately following the shootings:

black power

Is it possible that Johnson was affiliated with this group? It sure seems like he fits the profile. 

Sources told the Los Angeles Times that Johnson has no ties to terror groups and no known criminal history. He has lived in the Dallas area and has family members living in Mesquite, Texas, east of Dallas, the newspaper reports, citing federal law enforcement sources.

Johnson's Facebook Page Includes a ‘Black Power’ Poster & the Pan-African Flag
Johnson’s Facebook Page Includes a ‘Black Power’ Poster & the Pan-African Flag

A black SUV was found at the scene registered to Delphene Johnson, who is Micah Johnson’s mother, according to Facebook posts and public records, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports. Live helicopter video from the news station showed police at her home in Mesquite.

Johnson served in the U.S. Army Reserve, investigators said. Details about his service were not immediately available.

Johnson told police negotiators the “end is coming” and said he wanted to “kill more” officers, according to Brown.

Police said after several hours of negotiating, with intermittent exchanges of gunfire, the suspect was killed by a bomb-wielding robot.

“We tried to negotiate for several hours, negotiations broke down, we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect,” Brown said. “We saw no other option but to use our bomb-robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is dead a result of detonating the bomb.”

The suspect did not shoot himself, despite reports, Brown said.

“He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people, he expressed killing white officers,” Brown said. “He expressed anger for Black Lives Matter. None of that makes sense, none of that is a legitimate reason to do harm to anyone, so the rest of it would just be speculating on what his motivations were. We just know what he said to our negotiators.”

While he was barricaded in the hotel, the suspect told police there were bombs planted “all over” downtown Dallas, the city’s police chief said at a press conference.

Police have not said if any bombs or suspicious items have been found.

“He said we will eventually find the IEDs,” Brown said.

The shooting came a year and a month after a man angry at police opened fire on the Dallas Police headquarters. He fired several shots at the building, but no one was injured. The man, James Boulware, was driving an armored van and was later chased down by police. He was killed during a standoff.

Boulware also claimed he had planted bombs in downtown Dallas.

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