An angry mob of racist thugs surrounded a white cop who was responding to a shooting in Atlanta.

The ignorant throng of thugs encircled the caucasian officer, shouting anti-white slurs and demanding he gets his “white face out of here!” Black officers had to step in – in defense of the white cop, in an attempt at calming down the irrational crowd. One woman also came to his defense begging that they “leave this man alone.” She was largely ignored.

In a city that is already frighteningly short-handed in law enforcement officers, the utter stupidity of the white-hating agitators cannot be over-stated.

CBS 46 reported in April that “APD (Atlanta Police Dept) currently has 1632 officers according to its latest filled vacancy report. That’s about 400 officers short of the department’s ‘authorized strength’ of more than 2,000.”

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On Twitter, one poster said what many were thinking,

If I was that cop I just would’ve said “Alright, handle it yourself” got in my squad car, and drove off.

The officers were responding to a report of a shooting at a gas station in northeast Atlanta on Sunday evening just after 8:00 pm. Two people were injured but are expected to survive.

According to WSB-TV, “Investigators say one of the victims reported he was arguing with the suspect when he opened fire, injuring both victims. It is unclear at this time if the second victim was involved in the argument.”

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