Oprah and her fans immediately pulled the racist card: ‘We don’t all look alike Jeeeze!’ Did they ever think that the mistake was as innocent as confusing two overweight, aging celebrities? I guess that’s not possible when EVERYTHING is about race with Oprah, the woman who became a billionaire thanks to her primarily white, middle-class housewife fans…

Oprah Winfrey has hit back at a magazine who embarrassingly mistook her for Whoopi Goldberg at the Oscars.


Goldberg, who wore a black off-the-shoulder gown inspired by the frock worn by Bette Davis in All About Eve, revealed her tattoos running down her right shoulder.

Total Beauty, a website posting makeup reviews and fitness tips, posted a photograph of Goldberg with the caption: ‘We had no idea Oprah was tatted, and we love it. #Oscars.’

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total beauty tweet

The chat show host has now responded to the gaffe by saying ‘we don’t all look alike Jeeeze!’

In a photo uploaded to Instagram by her best friend Gayle King, Oprah holds up the offending tweet with a puzzled look on her face, while sat next to King’s daughter Kirby Bumpus, who has her mouth wide open in apparent shock. Via: UK Daily Mail


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