Last night, in the violent city of Portland, a man was almost beaten to death by a BLM mob. Independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured the incredible scene as it unfolded on the streets of downtown Portland. ***Warning***the video is very graphic.

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Hernandez called the violent assault “an attempted execution by BLM militants.”

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Shortly before the mob descended on the white male in the pickup truck, independent reporter Drew Hernandez captured video footage of a violent call to action by “comrade” Letha Wilson. Wilson is a self-appointed BLM leader and the mother of 27-year-old Patrick Kimmons, a Crips gang member, who was shot and killed by Portland Police officers during an altercation in Sept. 2018, while Barack Obama was President.

OPB– Officers and witnesses say Patrick Kimmons was shot after running toward officers with a revolver in his hand on September 30, 2016. Witnesses say officers yelled commands at Kimmons as they shot. Police fired 12 rounds and say they recovered a gun near Kimmons.

That narrative, contained in police reports released Wednesday, contradicts Kimmons’ family’s assertion that he was shot in the back up to 15 times. At least one witness said Kimmons’ back was toward officers at one point, and that a firearm was “clearly visible” in Kimmons’ right hand.

He said it appeared to him that Kimmons “was going to turn around and start shooting at the officers” before he was shot. According to investigative documents, Kimmons sustained bullet wounds in the upper right chest and his left leg.

Officers who arrived to the scene later identified Kimmons as a well-known Rollin 60’s Crips gang member. Letha Winston, Kimmons’ mother, told OPB days after the shooting that her son was working to distance himself from gang activity to focus on his family.

Britt is a 10-year veteran of the force and was involved in a 2012 shooting that was ultimately determined justified.

Letha Wilson organized the violent BLM event on Facebook.

For the record, this was the extreme rhetoric that was being preached by BLM just hours before they began to take to the streets and violently harass, rob, physically assault people, and nearly execute a man.

“I will continue my mission for justice by any means necessary.”

Twisted BLM activist in Portland describes a desire for wanting police officers to have been strangled by their umbilical cords at birth.

She also boasts in the fact she is ready to shoot officers, and disturbingly expressed a desire to see officers hung and electrocuted.

BLM publicly declared war last night in downtown Portland before taking to the streets to rob, physically assault people and nearly execute a man “We are at war, are you guys ready?!”

Letha Winston promoted her violent march on Facebook. In the description (labeled “Details”) of her event, Winston tells Facebook users that there is “a even worser” disease than COVID 19. She tells her followers that they need to “keep are (our) toes 10 feet deep too (to) the Pavement,” to fight back against “covid 18” (aka the police).

This is an event to hold police accountable for their actions for murdering our loved ones I will be speaking and getting straight to the point of how we need to demand Justice and not let anyone discourage us from getting it done you dont want too miss this so come on down bring a chair because im taking you all the way there please were your masks as we all no there is a mad terrible infection going around called covid 19 and we need too cover up but there is a even worser one called covid 18 and thats the police so lets keep in mind too keep are toes 10 feet deep too the Pavement thank you so much

This Twitter user shared some literature allegedly found at the event promoting “Black Anarchism,” and other Anarchist propaganda tied to the so-called “Justice” movement, proving once again, that BLM is not about equality or justice for Blacks, it’s a movement that’s been co-opted by violent anarchists and self-proclaimed Marxists. It’s about fundamentally transforming the United States of America into a third-world hell-hole that we no longer recognize, by using violent tactics and guerilla warfare to achieve their radical goals.

This is the movement that’s being endorsed by the Democrat Party.

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