A Republican presidential candidate hasn’t won the state of Minnesota since 1972, but Donald J. Trump is planning to change that on November 3rd.

Minnesota’s radical Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) and Democrat Governor Tim Waltz (D)  tried to pull a fast one on the Trump campaign when he warned that the state would not allow a crowd larger than 250 to attend Trump’s scheduled rally at the Rochester Airport in Rochester, MN this afternoon.

(MN AG Keith Ellison – AP Photo)

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On Tuesday, President Trump criticized the Democrats efforts to shut down his rally in Minnesota, a state that Trump could win, during a rally in West Salem, WI, “There’s a legal definition you can’t have a political rally – they did that to keep me out, right?” Trump ripped Democrats for wanting “to protect anarchists, rioters, people that were burning down your stores,” adding, “So you have the absolute right to protest – so I call this a friendly protest, OK, officially? Not a rally.”

President Trump spoke to the media before the event and blasted Democrat Governor Tim Walz for trying to silence his supporters, saying “He’s weak,” and “He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Trump’s “peaceful protest” turned out to be a huge success. OAN reporter Jenn Pellegrino wrote:

Outside of the venue, there’s a massive overflow crowd.

Three young Minnesota voters explain why they have voted for President Trump with their first vote ever. One of the voters said they wanted to attend the rally in Rochester to be part of the group showing their “overwhelming support” for President Trump. Another young first-time voter who’s already voted for Trump cited his handling of the “COVID pandemic” and his”great economy” as reasons he supports our president.

Trump supporters who didn’t’ attend the mega-rally in Rochester trolled Joe Biden’s mini-rally with what appears to be less than a dozen vehicles. It’s hard to tell from the video, but it looks like at least one of the vehicles is a police SUV.

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