Trump-endorsed GOP candidate for US Senate in Ohio and Hillbilly Elegy author JD Vance and incumbent Democrat Senator Tim Ryan met tonight for their first ever debate. Before tonight’s debate, Senator Ryan had a slight lead over Vance in the polls. If enough voters watched tonight’s debate, there’s a very good chance Vance will be ahead in the next poll, as he clearly wiped the floor with a shell-shocked, Biden supporting Tim Ryan.

The results of the debate are already coming in and Tim Ryan may wish he chose the path of other cowardly Democrats like Michigan’s dirty Dem. SOS Jocelyn Benson, who refuses to debate Trump-endorsed Kristina Karamo or Democrat Katie Hobbs who refuses to debate Trump-endorsed Kari Lake for AZ governor.

Vance’s blistering responses to questions asked by debate moderators or responses by comments made by Ryan have been captured in a series of tweets posted by RNC Research or JD Vance’s campaign team.

Here are the top 7:

#1. Ryan is tw0-faced about his support for the Democrat’s radical leader Chuck Schumer.

Two-Faced  TimRyan to Ohioans: “If Chuck Schumer is the leader, I will be a pain in the rear-end to him.” Two-Faced Tim in D.C.: “Senator Schumer’s here and I want to make sure he’s my future boss, so I gotta suck up a little bit here.”

Another example of Ryan’s tw0-faced support for Sen. Schumer:

#2. Ryan is lying about his support for natural gas.

Tonight, Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan said, “I’ve been a natural gas proponent since I’ve been in Congress.” When he ran for president in 2020, Ryan said he “absolutely” supported BANNING fracking on federal lands. ROLL THE TAPE

#3. Ryan is an abortion extremist who voted for on-demand abortion at 40 weeks.

WATCH: JD Vance hammers Democrat Tim Ryan for being an abortion extremist. “He voted for a piece of legislation that would have overturned Roe and required abortion-on-demand at 40 weeks for fully elective reasons.”

#4. Ryan has been failing at his job as a career politician for 20 years.

JD VANCE: “20 years ago, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. That very same year, Tim Ryan went to Washington, D.C. where he has been failing at his basic job for 20 years.” “He talks a big game, but the record of accomplishment just isn’t there.”

#5. Ryan voted with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden 100% of the time.

Democrat Tim Ryan: “We need leaders who have courage to stand up to their own party and I’ve proven that.”

JD Vance : “You voted with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden 100%”

#6. Ryan and his Democrat friends have destroyed our economy. Families can no longer afford groceries.

“I believe we’ve gone in a fundamentally bad direction over the last couple of years. I think people deserve to go to the grocery store without it completely breaking the bank.” — JD Vance

REMINDER: Tim Ryan votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time.

#7. Ryan has been in Congress for 20 years and has done nothing to secure our borders.

JD VANCE: “Tim Ryan has done nothing to stop the flow of fentanyl. He talks about wanting to support a stronger border” and “get things done.” “Well, Tim, you’ve been in Congress for 20 years and the border problem has got worse and worse and worse.”

As a result of our open southern border, America is facing a serious fentanyl crisis that’s killing our kids. We’ve seen a serious spike of the deadly drug in the past two years.

JD VANCE: “Yes, the fentanyl crisis is WAY WORSE than it was two years ago.” Why? Because of Tim Ryan and Joe Biden’s open border policies.

Finally, JD Vance tweeted a reminder that Tim Ryan was a big supporter of BLM and actually bragged about it o social media:

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