On Tuesday, Far Left Governor Jay Inslee was heckled and booed off stage during a visit to the Tri-Cities area. Inslee still has most of the state locked down, including the eastern part of Washington state.

Inslee spoke outdoors at Columbia Basin College in Pasco and was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers as he urged residents to continue wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus, according to Gateway Pundit.

(The Tri-City Herald/Jennifer King)

Hecklers shouted at the dictatorial governor, one in particular shouted, “open it up,” in reference to the almost entire closure of businesses in the Tri-Cities of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick. The area is still in Stage I of the pandemic meaning most businesses are shut down. While a masked Inslee attempted to continue speaking, the heckling continued. Finally, the Democratic governor, who used to represent the Tri-Cities in the U.S. House, had had enough. “We’re going to go inside,” he said.

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Later, a Republican county sheriff in Washington spoke to a mostly maskless crowd following Gov. Inslee’s failed visit. Sheriff Robert Snaza told the crowd, “Don’t be a sheet,” to extensive cheers. The Lewis County Sheriff denounced Inslee’s new statewide mask mandate.

This is the same governor who has given into the emotions of childish squatters to form their own “government” inside the city of Seattle.

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