Radical left pro-abortion groups are organizing “protests” on Mother’s Day

They claim that it’s not a war on motherhood, but what else do you call abortion when its greatest advocates plan to storm churches to protest during mass on Mother’s Day?

To writhe in anguish over Roe v Wade, abortion advocates are taking to churches as well as the Supreme Court. Protests outside of churches are wrong and obnoxious enough. However, some churches have already been vandalized, and for Mother’s Day they intend to enter Catholic and Evangelical churches during mass to “protest.” Mother’s day. The day which celebrates all the women who don’t get abortions.

By declaring war on churches, these protesters violate individuals’ freedom of religion. By doing so on Mother’s Day, they are also shunning women who are brave and strong enough to go through pregnancy and childbirth.

Naturally, the radical leftist group which claimed credit for doxxing all six conservative Supreme Court Justices is on board with this plan.

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The radical left can leave nothing sacred in their efforts to attack all decent institutions in their “defense” of murdering babies in the womb. Churches, courts, mothers–all of these symbolize human decency and are anathema to the radical left.

While these Mother’s Day protests are specifically planned to attack both motherhood and religion, they seem to be entirely devoid of irony. Pro-abortion activists genuinely believe that mothers is the way to bring sympathy for abortion.

Motherhood is a blessing, yet to the pro-infanticide crowd they consider it a curse. This is meant to instill fear and anger in Christians, as the group openly states, although they refer to them as “forced-birthers.” the group also seemingly calls for violence in a meme that they Tweeted.

They can call us as they like, we have our own words for them.


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