Shannon Coulter is the liberal, activist founder of #GrabYourWallet, a social media campaign designed to punish retailers who support products sold by that family members tied to President Trump. Coulter seems to have made it her goal to punish the very successful female entrepreneur and women’s advocate, Ivanka Trump over her ties to our president.

Coulter got some really bad news earlier this week when it was announced that Ivanka’s line saw an increase in sales of 346% from January to February!

Things took an even worse turn for the spiteful feminazi, Shannon Coulter when she discovered that Neiman Marcus hasn’t dropped Ivanka’s line after all:

Not only has Neiman Marcus reintroduced the wildly popular Ivanka Trump line of jewelry on their website Boutique buyers are snatching up her merchandise at the three-day Coterie trade show taking place in New York’s sprawling Davits Center for the upcoming season. It’s in this marketplace, one of a number of similar events that take place around the country, that retailers sort through the noise to locate the items they think their customers are most likely to want.

The First Daughter’s namesake fashion business, which she is no longer involved with on a day-to-day basis, has recently become a battleground on which consumers have used their purchasing power to express their anger toward or support of President Trump, but on Tuesday, there was no particular fuss over its presence on the trade show floor. One salesman at a nearby booth said he didn’t realize the brand was in the vicinity until he happened to walk that way while getting lunch.

Nor were store representatives studiously avoiding it. Unlike the major retailers who have pulled away from the Ivanka Trump brand, several boutique buyers interviewed said they were planning to put in orders for Ivanka Trump shoes that day.

A pair of women who own a store in Brooklyn and spoke on the condition of anonymity have been stocking Ivanka Trump shoes since the line launched and plan to continue doing so. They say they buy based on what sells, and for them, Ivanka Trump sells — the brand’s sandals and boots in particular.

“You’ve got to forget about politics,” one says. “Our customers really don’t care, they just want to look good.”

Cristina Mena, who buys for the South American wing of an international store chain, was on the hunt for shoes. Until now, her employer has only carried apparel, but it’s preparing to expand into footwear. The Ivanka Trump shoe brand, she says, will be one of the first lines it sells.



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