Lois Lerner’s criminal behavior with the IRS targeting of conservatives was just a test run…

Here’s a little reminder for anyone who doesn’t believe that what the left really wants is a totalitarian state in which opposition to its agenda is a crime.

New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is extreme even by left-wing standards. He’s a radical who ran by promising that violent racist thug Al Sharpton would have an “annex” in Albany if he won.

Now Schneiderman and a few left-wing congressmembers have come up with a great idea. Charge Exxon with securities fraud for not “disclosing” the risks of Global Warming.

Whether on not any charges happen, this is a foot in the door for an agenda list that goes well beyond Global Warming.

After energy companies that aren’t paying protection money to Al Gore, gun manufacturers can be hit with charges for not “disclosing the risks” of gun violence. Private prisons can be hit for not disclosing the risks of failing to back sentencing reforms. Educational companies can be hit with charges for not disclosing the risks of not adopting Common Core.

Basically any company that disagrees with a left-wing policy can be hit with civil and criminal charges. It helps if the company, like Exxon, at one point employed kooks who claimed the sky was falling. But that just makes the case easier. If the executives disagree with a left-wing policy, it’s securities fraud.

Under this standard, it becomes child’s play to cut off conservative organization from any corporate funding. Furthermore, conservative organizations would be muzzled by extension. Funding organizations and people that dissent from the left would be “fraud”. Because that is what this is really about.gulag

Global Warming is the testbed for making leftist ideology mandatory. Manufacture a fake consensus, then use the law to make it mandatory.

Then there can be a pseudo-scientific consensus on a variety of issues, such as the need for higher taxes, and a crackdown on anyone who disagrees.

Since there’s money in pursuing charges like this, and since the best way to get the left off your back is to give their political allies money, this is robbery for tyranny. And that’s how the left does business.

This is where the left has always been headed. This is a totalitarian movement. Via: Front Page Magazine

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