She came to America as an immigrant from the war-torn, third-world, hell-hole of Somalia, but Ilhan Omar, the Muslim woman who was elected to the US House of Representatives 2018, just can’t help herself when it comes to trashing the United States of America.

Today, Rep. Omar (D-MN) outdid herself in a taped message that looked eerily like a hostage video. The United States Congresswoman appeared before a grey screen reading from a script about what she calls an uprising against an oppressive and racist America.

Omar opened her videotaped message by saying, “We are in the midst of an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression.” While reading from a script, and rarely looking up to address the camera, Omar mocked anyone who criticized the radical, violent, Marxist BLM movement, explaining to viewers about how America doesn’t even provide the most basic needs its citizens. At one point in the video, Omar stumbles over the word “austerity,” as though it’s the first time she’s ever read the word, leaving viewers to wonder who wrote the script Omar read aloud during her town hall.

Omar repeatedly whines about the American “system,” which doesn’t provide for its citizens. “We need to fundamentally change the way society treats its most vulnerable,” Omar says without saying specifically who she’s referring to.

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Could it be that Omar has had a change of heart and is now pro-life? Could she be referring to the millions of unborn babies that are aborted by Planned Parenthood when she talks about how America treats “its most vulnerable”? Nah…

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