NYC’s Communist Mayor Bill De Blasio is working to strip $1 billion on funding from the men and women who wake up every day and literally put their lives on the line to protect perfect strangers from harm. The NYPD has turned their backs on Comrade DeBlasio before, will they continue to work in a city where radicals are hijacking law and order, while a sympathetic mayor sits back and watches his city being overtaken by Anarchists and the Marxist BLM movement?

NYP reports – Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Corey Johnson are finalizing an $87 billion budget deal that would avoid municipal layoffs while slicing $1 billion from the Police Department’s budget through transfers and spending cuts, The Post has learned.

This latest spending plan hopes to answer calls from protestors to ‘defund’ the NYPD by slashing and transferring $1 billion from its budget, six sources confirmed. However, City Hall hit the mark using accounting measures that critics have labeled as ‘tricks.’

It transfers the school safety officers back to the Department of Education, moving $307 million off of the NYPD’s budget in the first year. It also calls for school safety agents to be moved to another still-unspecified agency, accounting for another $42 million.

Controversially, sources told The Post, City Hall also tallied the $134 million in fringe benefits — like health, dental, and eye care — associated with those employees and counted those savings toward the $1 billion goal.

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The NYPD is also supposed to slash its overtime spending by $352 million in 2021 — roughly half of its annual outlay, which exceeded $700 million in each of the last three completed budget.

The agreement — which the City Council was being briefed on late Monday night — largely restores cuts Hizzoner made to summer youth employment programs, counselors for high needs schools, and tuition aid for low-income City University students.

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Red Nation Rising shared a video of the far-lefts’ lastest autonomous (cop-free) zone, located just outside of NYC’s City Hall.

Welcome to the America Bernie Sanders couldn’t achieve through the ballot box…

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