Shortly before the primary election in Pennsylvania in May, Democrat candidate for US Senate John Fetterman (PA) suffered a stroke. Like Joe Biden, who campaigned almost exclusively from his basement, Fetterman was locked down at home with no personal appearances. When he finally made his first public appearance in August, it was clear Fetterman was suffering from the aftermath of the stroke.

Dressed in his signature oversized hoodie, Fetterman tried to reassure voters that he was healthy enough to continue in the battle for Senate against Trump-endorsed candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

However, his appearance was not exactly reassuring to voters.

The senatorial candidate continuously paused in the middle of sentences, sometimes stumbling over his words or repeating himself. He previously revealed that he is working with a speech therapist to overcome the speaking challenges he faces post-stroke.


Almost 4 months after the primary election, Fetterman still appears to be facing major hurdles in his efforts to communicate on the campaign trail.


Yesterday, Fetterman, who is in a very close race with his formidable opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz (R), was interviewed on KDKA Radio, where the hosts pandered to Fetterman and suggested it was unfair to be concerned about Fetterman’s “problem processing” his thoughts and words.

“Is this the most important political race in America right now?”





“Uh, I’m sorry…I…I…uh…”

“Is this the most important political race in America right now?”

Suddenly, as though his mind just caught up, Fetterman’s responds, “Oh, yeah, absolutely.”

In another portion of his interview with the KDKA hosts, Letterman called the concerns of voters “absolutely absurd,” suggesting he’s a “victim” who is simply facing “health challenges” and saying he shouldn’t be “made fun of” or told he “shouldn’t be able to work” in his job.

Here is a portion of that interview:


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